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Top 10 Power Forwards in the League?

1. Tim Duncan- I'm not a huge fan, but he is the BIG FUNDAMENTAL. Another trophy under his belt

this year...he does have one of the best post up games I've seen. GO TIMMMAAAYYYY!!!

2. Kevin Garnett- Now as for KG...I AM A HUGE FAN. The Franchise...he's a straight warrior on the

court, plays with so much passion. But where is he going????

3. Dirk Nowitzki- Not 2 strong in the post but can shoot his a** off. The best shooting PF in the league.

I just dont know what happened in Golden State....

4. Rasheed Wallace- Sheed is another monster in the post. Rebounding, Blocking, Dunking and now

the 3 pointers. Bad temper, but he's hilarious 2 watch.

5. Amare Stoudemire- What a guy 2 watch play. He'll dunk or attempt 2 dunk on ANYBODY &

ANYTHING. And now with the mid range jumper in effect, he's gonna be a force to reckon with.

6. Dwight Howard- (if u consider him a PF and not a C)...he's a freak of nature...da boy aint right.

7. Chris Bosh- I love Bosh. He's a good leader and he's also extended his range beyond the arc,

which really helped his team tremendously.

8. Jermaine Oneal- Great shot blocker and rebounder. Is he getting traded?

9. Chris Boozer- he's proven to be a solid scorer, durable & reliable.

10. Emecca Okafur- I'm just taking a shot in the dark.....



..yeah carlos, I dont why I said Chris....

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    Tim Duncan- Come on need an explanation for this? he is the best Power Forward of all time!!

    KG-Very passionate about this Game

    Dirk Nowitzki-he is almost unguardable with those Fade away jump shots!

    Carlos Boozer-Man! really stepped up this season with averages of 20 pts and 10 rbs per game and made it to the allstar team.

    Amare- A huge force! can Dunk on anyone and pretty fast for a big man

    Chris Bosh-He carried his team into the playoffs for the first time since Carter's Departure. He showed the people the he is an ALLSTAR

    Dwight Howard-This is also a guy who carried his team into the postseason.Young ,athletic maybe the next shaquille O neal that is a PF

    Rasheed-A good defender,Key player in the 2004 Detroit Championship,Can nail that 25 foot jumper.. has long arms that can block shots

    Jermaine O neal- although they didnt make the playoffs still one of the top players of the NBA Like most Big man he is the best shotblocker(for me) a PowerHOUSE but he was better back then in the 2003-2004 season

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    Tim Duncan- keeps leading his team to the finals,just pure talent

    Carlos Boozer-MONSTER in the paint,big time defender and rebounder

    Dirk Nowitzki-not a fan,but can score for his team and rebound the ball

    Dwight Howard-proves that he can run with the boys,solid scorer and blocker

    Chris Bosh-solid all around player,no more to say

    Kevin Garnett-Use to be #2 but ran out of gas

    Zach Randolph-huge effort to the Blazers hopefully can do some good for NY

    Amare Stoudamire-big man shooting the ball from anywhere on the court

    Rasheed Wallace-clutch shooter and big time blocking and defense force

    Al Harrington-an offense only PF that will amaze you with his athleticism

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    1. Tim Duncan

    2. Kevin Garnett

    3. Chris Bosh

    4. Pau Gasol

    5. Elton Brand

    6. Carlos Boozer

    7. Amare Stoudamire

    8. Dirk Nowitzki (I'd hate to have him on my favorite team)

    9. Jermaine O'Neal

    10. LaMarcus Aldridge

    Dwight Howard is a C, not a PF. Duncan and Stoudamire are PFs, to the guy above, get your facts straight.

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    For 1 and 2, I'm gonna agree wid u... but 3 downwards, not quite.the 3 guy here should be Amare. He's one of the greatest do-all (almost) guys in this league today. Dirk's ok, but he's not that good of a leader and not that good at finishing games (plus the fact that he gets flustered by 6-foot guards is a big thumbs-down.). Rasheed shuoldn't be here, 'cause he couldn't save his team when they needed him the most. Look at the guy. Self-destructs in a close playoff game. the guys from 6 downward should go up, esp. Boozer. i'm guessing he's gonna be the next Malone w/ his Stockton-incarnate, Deron Williams. Bosh is also a good PF, but like 'Sheed, he couldn't be there for his team when the game was close. One thing was still right, though. Okafor. We'll have to see how he develops his game with Richardson's arrival.


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    1. Dirk Nowitzki - current MVP

    2. Kevin Garnett - still strong, dominant and dangerous

    3. Tim Duncan - quite old but still dominant

    4. Elton Brand - monster in the paint

    5. Carlos Boozer - amazing rebounder and dominates the paint

    6. Chris Bosh - upcoming superstar

    7. Jermaine O'Neal - great player but often injured

    8. Emeka Okafor - also a monster but often injury-prone

    9. Rasheed Wallace - cocky but still good

    10. David West - under rated power forward

    i think Amare, Pau Gasol and Dwight are centers so i didn't include them

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    1.Tim Duncan

    2.Kevin Garnett

    3.Dirk Nowtizki

    4.Carlos Boozer

    5.Elton Brand

    6.Jermaine O'neal

    7.Chris Bosh

    8.Dwight Howard

    9.Amare Stoudemire

    10.Zack Randolph

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    1.Kevin Garnett- Great player bad team

    2. Tim Duncan- Boring but gets the job done

    3.Dirk Nowitzki- Not a true PF but a nasty shooter

    4. Amare Stoudemire- Very hard to contain

    5. Shawn Marion- Underlooked but very skilled

    6. Elton Brand- Can do it all

    7. Chris Bosh- Still improving and nasty

    8.Dwight Howard- Very big PF who can use his power for points

    9. Antwaan Jamison- Underrated

    10. CARLOS Boozer- Monster season compared to the others

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    this is based on their stats from last regular season (PTS+REB+AST+STL+BLK)-TO 

     1.Kevin Garnett 39.50

    2. Dirk Nowitzki 36.30

     3.Chris Bosh 35.10

     4.Tim Duncan 34.40

     5.Carlos Boozer 34.30

     6.Pau Gasol 33.90

    7. Zach Randolph 33.80

    8. Elton Brand 33.40

     9.Jermaine O'Neal 31.80

     10.Dwight Howard 30.70

    sorry guys but ur amare is no where can be found his points is only 30.50.. but then again zach (suck) randolph for me does not belong to the group. :)

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    Kudos to you for setting aside your personal bias & ranking TD over KG. I agree with you #1 & #2 PF however you left out several very good PFs like Elton Brand & Pao Gasol & you included Howard & Okafor who basically play center.

    Anyway, here's my list:







    7. PAO GASOL




  • 1. Duncan...uh rings?

    2. Garnett...A monster...does it all

    3. athlete at pf...will jump over you

    4. Chris Bosh.....the future....strong, smart, a leader

    5. Dirk Nowitzki......soft, chokes in playoffs.....but his jay is raw

    6. Jermaine O'neal.....great defensively.....good ROLE player

    7. Elton Brand......Underrated....has a soft touch and is strong

    8. Carlos Boozer...reliable, played big in playoffs, bright future

    9. Zach Randolff...strong lefty with soft touch, key 4 ny succes

    10. Kenyon a beast when hes healthy

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