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How much have you changed over the years?

When my husband and I met in 94 we had a lot in common and were madly in love. Now, we have nothing in common. He loves fast cars and motorcycles while I'm furious that he spends so much of our money on frivolousness. I have strong political beliefs while he doesn't even bother to vote. He likes sci-fi and horror movies, I like action and drama. My free time is spent with our daughter, his is spent out with his friends (many of whom I've never met).

We hardly ever argue as our paths rarely cross. It's as though we're roommates rather than husband and wife (we've been sleeping in separate rooms for 4 years). I don't think there has been any infidelity in the marriage, but I probably wouldn't care much if I learned that there had been.

Anyway, I'm feeling sort of lonely and sad. Has anyone out there been in my shoes? How did you resolve your situation? I've suggested counseling many times, he's not willing. He says that he's happy with our marriage just the way it is.

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    Sounds sad girl,but yes, i've been there, i've been with my hubby for seven years, and at first we had so many things to talk about and we laughed and spent time together but after some time it changed, and we had less to say to each other and we don't spend as much time together, but that's just life, that happens in all marriages...we just make sure we always talk to one another, communication is the key to a healthy relationship, we have discussed all of this and we try talking to each other every day about what we have done that day, like what he did at work and what i did at home, and we try getting a sitter once a month and going out on a date, that is always great, you really need to talk this out, sounds like you two need to spend more time together getting to no each other again, yall having different interests should surley give you something to talk about, he can talk about his thing and you can talk about yours....of course he's happy with the way it is...he spends time with his friends and buys what he wants and you leave him alone, that's just not good becasue your not happy, you both have to be happy for the marriage to work, you need to set him down once again and tell him exactley how you feel and tell him if he loves you he will really try and make things happy for really hope talking to him will work if he just won't budge then i'd say you need to find someone who will be willing to care for you....God bless

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    But you need to let him know that you're not ~HAPPY~ with the current state of your marriage.

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    lol life sucks and then you die still trying to get a piece of that apple pie

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    i used to be liberal, but now im conservative... i saw the errors in my thinking....

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