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Getting rid of stomach flab??

I am 13 and I am fine in all the places but my stomach, my stomach has a bit of fat on it and I have love handles, and when I wear certain shirts, you can see the fat. I try to do crunches but my neck gets sore and I get tired, and I sit at home alot. I like eating sweets and stuff, and I try to eat healthier but it doesn't work!

How could I get rid of the stomach flab by September?

Thank you

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    Doing crunches will not get rid off tummy fat, it will build muscle under the fat but not reduce it. Doing cardio will help burn all over body fat, which will include tummy fat. You can also start with a few say 10 per night tummy crunches until you can build up to more. Also you should try to stay away from really sugary or fatty foods. But remember your 13 and life should be all about fun not about your body. Dont make your goal to loose your tummy fat a chore. On the weekends go rollerblading with your friends or start playing a sport.

  • If you do crunches and your neck gets sore, then you do them the wrong way.

    To prefent that you jerk your neck while doing crunches would I recommend that you put your hands on your head instead of your neck. You have to lift your upper body without the help of your neck or the swing of things. Lift your upper body, then put it back down. Rather do these crunches slow, because they will be much more effective like that.

    In addition, you can do what's called reverse crunches: lay on the floor with your knees bent, then lift your legs and straigthen them out, slowly putting them down until they almost hit the floor. Keep them hovering slightly above the floor counting to ten and repeat this exercise 10 times for starters and then increas to 3 sets over time. Doing the regular crunches and those reverse crunches will burn a lot of belly flab...Good luck

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    im 13 also and kind of have the same problem. you should do as many crunches as you can every night and push yourself one extra than the night before and eventually it will tighten your stomach so you will have abs not fat. good luck!

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