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What do you do when you forget to take a BC pills?

I was out of town and forgot my birth control pills at home. I missed three pills. When I got back I doubled up pills for the next three days like the directions say. Today starts my last week of active pills. I'm not supposed to start until next Sunday but have begun spotting heavily today. Now what? Do I stop taking pills until I've had a period? Do I keep taking them this week as usual?

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    Keep taking them as normal. Your body is having a funky hormone imbalance from the lack of pills and then the double dosage for three days, which is likely why you're spotting. Just keep taking them as normal.

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    Take them as the directions say but use a back up method of birth control till you have been on them another month.

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    I thought it advised to take double dose if you miss it only on one day. If you miss three days, proly you are supposed to cont as usual taking single tab daily + some form of contraceptives as you dont have the preotection. I don think it is ok to take double dose for three days after missing for three days. Please confirm!

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