any auto mechanics, urgent help needed?

I have a 2002 saturn SC. this morning it was running just fine and it doesn't have any history of mechanical problems but tonight it won't start at all. we get absolutely nothing from the engine whentrying to start it, no sound at all, its not turning over. the display lights came on and flickered rhythmically briefly but thats about it. this was quite the shock when my husband went to drive the car to work and couldn't. We already tried jump starting it with our other car(new car with V6 engine) but no luck.

All fluid levels are good, oil is fresh, spark plugs and wires are new. The car IS in park and brake is on so I know thats not it.

I think the problem may have to do with the starter, my dad suggested the computer, hubby will be buying a repair manual and code reader in the morning on his way home from work. Any suggestions on what could wrong and why?

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    Try turning on the headlights, then starting the car. If they dim significantly or go out altogether, I would say you have a connection problem at the battery. Your display in the car is a good indicator of this. Good Luck.

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    It could be just the battery, and if the battery is completely dead it will not take a jump, I helped out with my brother with this problem before,and we replaced the battery and worked fine..but one thing you can do is look to see if there is a stamp or a sticker on the battery which will be the date code of the battery.. A= Jan B=Feb ect and the last part will be the year. Check that out as well to get an idea on the status of the battery. You can usually take out the battery and get it tested for free at many repair shops or autozone ect..

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    Don't panic. And don`t take to the shop yet. It sounds like the battery has come to the end of its useful life. Modern batteries will work till the last breath of life in them. And then they go dead.

    First check the contacts to rule out any bum connection. If this doesn't fix it, then you need a new battery.

    Yours has 5 years which is exceptional. But even if you are on your second battery, 2.5 years is about what the last in harsh conditions.

    So. Put in a fresh battery. Have someone check your charging system just to ensure its OK (it should).

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    You ask very good questions. lots of info ...very nice!!

    You should look for the fuse panel and check all the fuses for the ignition system. What you are describing is a electrical problem. Since you get NO noise when you try to start it... that is the best clue yet for the fuses to be blown. Not a difficult fix at all. I dont think the code reader is a nessessary expence for the problem you are having but it is an excellent tool to have for anyone who owns a car. The repair manual is also an extreamly wise investment. You should have one for every car you own.

    I say the trouble with your Saturn is in the ignition system fuses.

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    the battery is 5 years old, which is the end of it`s life.

    when you jump started it, you may not have clamped the jumpers on with enough grip and surface area on the terminals. You should also have kept the cables on for a while before trying to start the engine, to allow the Saturn`s battery to take a bit of charge.

    Time for a new bat anyway..

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    Loose battery terminal connection would be my first check. Then a possible bad battery. five years is about the life cycle for car batteries anyway.

    On those cars, even if the terminal doesn't feel loose, loosen them up some then re tighten. Or even better take them off clean them connector and terminals with a wire brush and then re install.

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    Your probably on the right track thinking it's a starter problem. Take it to your repair shop and have it diagnosed. Self diagnosis is more time consuming and can end up being more expensive than getting it diagnosed at the shop and deciding from there if you want to do the repairs yourself or not.

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    Try checking the wires on the battery. If that does not work then get something and smack the starter. Also check the wires on the starter.

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    my grand am did the same thing a couple of years ago, I drove it home from work and then went out to go downtown later and nothing, the battery was completely dead, I ended up putting a new battery in it and everything was fine.

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    sounds like a loose battery terminal .

    will the horn blow ? headlights come on ?

    if not , it is a bad battery or a loose terminal

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