why do sl1's burn oil?

I just wanted to know why saturn sl1's burn oil. It seems to a common problem. I just wanted 2 make sure it wasn't a smiple fix!

thanks for the time

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    Dear Oil Burner-

    It happens because people do not keep their oil changed every 3000 miles like they are supposed to.

    My guess is that you are still using the 10w-30 weight oil and youhave over 70,000 miles on that vehicle.

    Switch to 20w-50 and the oil consumption will be reduced. Keep your oil and filter changed every 3000 miles or 90 days whichever occurs first, and you will probably be able to put lots more miles on it.

    Just be sure to check the oil level on a frequent basis, (every time you gas up). You should be OK, unless the vehicle is severly smoking during your driving.

    Normal oil consumption ratio is about 1 quart to every 75 gallons of fuel. Basically one quart between oil changes. If you are doing that, then you are just fine. If you are doing a couple of quarts between oil changes you are within the normal range for a high milage car.

    Don't forget to check for leaks. That too can be a cause for oil to be consumed.

    I hope that helped you out.

    Source(s): General Motors Service Parts Pro
  • pappy
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    1 decade ago

    Do you mean burn as in you see blue/white smoke coming from the tail pipe or just high oil consumption. If it's just high oil consumption, yes Those cars do do that. Why? Because they are Saturns.

    I change my oil every 3k on every car I owned and the Saturns were the only ones that have had that issue.

  • 1 decade ago

    the pistons do not have a relief on the bottom of the oil control rings. the lack of this relief allows oil to remain in the ring pack. the oil then 'cooks' into a solid (carbon). the carbon build up in the rings prevents them from moving and allowing excess oil past them. changing oil weight will not cure this. doing a top engine soak with the cleaner/solvent available from GM may help. I have had mixed results. the cleaner/solvent you may want to try is the liquid, not the spray.

    Source(s): Saturn tech for seven years
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