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top ten NY must-sees?

what are NY must's but not stuff like the empire state, or the statue of liberty, that are kinda obvious, more stuff like the wax musseum or other interesting

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    I loved the wax museum, go there! what is also fun to see is some buildings like Trump Tower, Madison sq. garden, MARS (restaurant), Art galleries/museums, LIttle Italy, China town (they're right next to eachother), See some shows! I recoment ANY broadway show but I recently saw Spamolot, Wicked, The Producers, and Phantom Of the Opera, all wonderful. There's also (if you're referring to the state as well as the city) Niagra Falls, Albany and Buffalo. Just driving around NYC is fun. I recomend going into the Time Square shops, Bubba Gump Shrimp co was good eating, I don't know why I found them so interesting but on my last trip, we went into New Jersey and on the highway between NYC and New Jersey there were just huge random highrises (I guess they were projects) standing in the middle of flatland (that was new to me since I'm from suburbia haha) It's always fun to just ride the subway, enjoy the life of a busy city, get lost once and a while, visit ground zero, OMG I forgot! Very Important! You must visit the churches, they're spectacular! I don't know if YOU'RE interested but I'm a comic book fan and there was a really great comic shop. Little specialty stores like that, whatever you're interests are, can be found if you know where to look (look it up)! Central Park is good too.

  • I kno many must sees

    -Broadway I recommend the Lion King

    -Top of the Rock- this place is amazing you can see the whole sky line of New York and the empire state building is right in front

    -ESPN zone- this place is so much fun. So many games

    -Maddame Menduses Wax Mueseum- this place is hilarious it seems so real they have so much effects such as whispering into a wax statues ear and i blushing.

    -Central Park- take a stroll in this very old and traditional park

    - Ground zero- something now in our history something you will never forget

    Toys R US- the biggest toys r us store on the planet make sure to go on the big ferris wheel inside!

    -Hit the streets to find vendors or close shopping stores such as J Crew and Sax 5th avenue

    -Make sure you buy a hotdog with everything on it. Once you have one you have truly experianced New York City.

    Have a good time!

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    All the museums are very cool, from the BODY exhibit to Dinasours in Natural History museum and all the cool arts in MOMA and MET. Most of the admissions are suggested, so you can pay whatever you want. Body exhibit is the coolest, but its all sold out. Central park is very cool and each corner of it, has something different and super cool to offer. Time Square has lots of fun stores as well. Washington Square park is cool and worthed to check out. Madame Tussauds New York is a must see and best of all of them in the world. Soho area and China town are cool to visit and shop.

    Live TV shows are a must. (David Letterman, Conan Show, etc.) or TV show tours ( Sopranos, Sex and the City, etc.)

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    My 1 - 10 is the Subway system. I loved it and would nominate it as one of the eight wonders of the world. Would return to NYC just to ride the rails again. Grand Central Station (renovated because Jackie Kennedy wanted it preserved), Penn Station (four levels deep) and Rockefeller Center Station (this one is huge under many city blocks and I actually got lost inside, coming up on the wrong street).

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    1) times square. its sooo amazing 2) broadway (may i recommend seeing wicked?) 3) rockefeller center 4) statue of liberty 5) 42nd street 7th avenue shopping! this is thebest, biggest gucci, pucci, dolce& gabana, and ect stores. even if ur not buying its sooo nice to go in there 6) china town. get nice fake D&G bags that look super real for like 30$$. make a look and they will lower it to 25$ 7) soho. all though ive never been there, ive heard by many people its super nice and artsy. 8) battery park. this u can go 2 by going 2 statue of liberty 1st. 9) central park (duh!!) its really nice, they have a zoo, alotta shade, a huge play place...and lottsa stuff going on there 10) be on the early show on CBS at 6:30 in the morning. have ur 10 seconds of fame! :) right across Plaza hotel

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    i was just there about a month ago and I went everywhere and these were some of my favorite places.

    5th Ave. (u dont have to shop but the buildings are so cool and exciting.)

    Sephora.( its so big)

    Ground Zero. ( it was so sad but amazing to see)

    St. Johns Cathedral (it was so beautiful. the architecture was so amazing)

    Ellens Stardust Diner. ( its a diner thats servers sing while they serve you.)

    Ellis Island. ( it was so interesting to see the different people and ways they came to america and what they had to go through.)

    Phantom of the Opera. ( it was my favorite. even if u dont see this show u should still try to see a Broadway show.)

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    Thoth in central park- he was just on America's Got Talent and got lambasted, but he's quite entertaining (in a scary way) in person. He should have worn the red dress.

    Many free concerts in the city all summer- daily, in fact.

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    the huge Toys R Us and china town

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    canal street

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