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I'm trying to find colleges in or within 2 hours of Boston that aren't hugely expensive. any suggestions?

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    Check out You can do a customized search for schools with your major in your area. Also, look for public colleges in Massachusetts. They will be much cheaper then private institutions. Good luck!

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    i used to live in boston so i know a lot of the schools...there are


    emmerson college

    emmanual college

    simmons college

    boston college

    boston university

    harvard college

    tufts university

    not so expensive:

    regis college

    salem state college

    umass amherst

    umass boston

    umass lowell

    umass dartmouth

    springfield state college

    westfield state college

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    You should check our University of Massachusetts @ Boston It offers Doctor's, Master's, Bachelor's

    Based on some information I found:

    Undergrad Application Fee: $40.00

    Year Prices: In-state:$4,227

    Total Enrollment: 13346

  • 4 year or 2 year schools?

    There are many good community colleges in the Mass and NH area. My daughter went to Hesser College in Manchester, NH and that was reasonable.

    Check out the state colleges in Mass and NH (UMass Lowell is a good school for example). They are much cheaper than private schools.

    Another school to check out is Southern NH University (SNHU).

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    i used to live in rhode island its not a bad place to live , its about a hour to boston. there are some collages in rhode island johnson and whales , new england tech in rhode island and theres a community collage but forgot the name of it .over all providence is a nice place to live the downtown has a good night life and theres always something to do.

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    state schools are your best bet. There several of them. And being a resident of the state gives u a huge discount as well.

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