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Does anyone know where I can find this tickets reasonably priced. (Wake Forest v.s. Nebraska Tickets)?

I have called both Universities, neither have them on sale, and doesn't appear the UNL will have enough to go around. Single Game tickets are not avail til 1 Aug. WF didn't say anything positive about having enough either.

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    Wake was selling season tickets near the endzones pretty cheap, but those are all sold out. They still have plenty of gold zone season tickets left. If those aren't sold by August 1st, you should be able to buy some tickets on that date. Wake doesn't sell out games very often, so I think you will be able to get tickets without much of a problem. They were playing for the ACC Championship late in the year last year and couldn't sell out the Va. Tech game, and Blacksburg is only 90 miles away and probably had more fans there than Wake did. I know the face value on those Nebraska tickets will be 50 dollars per ticket.


    Sounds like I underestimated the Nebraska fans. I didn't think that many people would travel to North Carolina for an away game that early in the year. I can tell you the Wake fans wouldn't sell that game out. If you are gonna get tickets you better call the box office at 8:00 AM Eastern Time on August 1st and order.

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    good luck, Nebraska travels so well that Wake Forest purposely cut off the season ticket sales to fans to those with LIncoln and Omaha area codes. I guess they learned that from the USC ticket office when UNL fans were making a profit from USC tickets by buying season tickets just to go to the USC vs NU game last year, and then selling the rest of the tickets off. I guess Wake Forest didnt want the same thing happening to them

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    i live in lincoln there are no single game tickets for sale we only have season tickets ur best hope is going down there and trying to find somebody selling tickets theres usually people selling tickets but not always cheap

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