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How Should I present Roses to My Significant Other..I Amonly 16 Too..Any Suggestions on what color too?

Pink is Her Favorite Color


So I live Her Does that mean Some Pink And Red or what?

Update 2:

Well I will Say that I am Infatuated for now...likely to change

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    take her out somewhere romantic and present them to her. make sure the mood/atmosphere's right first.

    red roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance and it's a good way to say "i love you"

    pink roses mean grace and elegance, usually given for admiration.

    yellow evokes a feeling of warmth and happiness. usually given to true friends.

    white roses represent innocence and purity and are associated with marriages/new beginnings. also symbol of honor and reverence.

    orange roses mean desire and enthusiasm. they symbolize passion and excitement and express a fervent romance. they'll send a meaningful message.

    lavender roses symbolize enchantment. they're traditionally used to express feelings of love at first sight.

    take your pick. :)

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    The color of the roses matters. Each color has a different meaning. Deep pink roses symbolize gratitude and respect, while light pink roses show sympathy. Now, white roses represent purity, saying that she is an angel! I would mix white and deep pink roses to get a message across.

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    It all depends in the location you're at. Personally I think the surprise method is nice, for example when she opens the front door, or showing up at school with them at the beginning of the day. About the colors would be a good color to go with

    These are the ones I know of

    Red: Love

    Pink: Romance


    White: Purity, virginity, innocence, peace.

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    If pink is her favorite collor then get a pink rose and if roses are too much then go to your local florest and see what they have on budget. Don't stress, the fact that you're doing something is the important thing.

    As always, it's the thought that counts - mostly.

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    Although purple is a favorite colour for lots of ladies,I reckon Roses in pink color are very lovely and I could reward if my buddy is a lady. I have no idea approximately offerings for boys.I for my part decide on White:).White Rose is a extraordinary reward whether or not it is him/her.

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    Pink sounds like a good choice. You should pick her up at her house and give them to her then so she could go put them in some water before you go on the date.

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    Six pink roses mixed with six white roses would be nice... or six pink roses mixed with six red roses.

    Place them somewhere where she wouldn't suspect... when she is not in her room... you could place them on her bed... and then watch her surprise as she walks in the room... (that's if your allowed in her house and in her room). You could always have the roses delivered to her when you know she or one of her family members will be home to receive them.

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    Get her a mixture of pink and white and present them to her when you pick her up just say simply I saw these and thought of you.

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    not before a date, cause then it's mad awkward for her, she's got to hold it for the next two hours. and a pink rose would be wise.

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    pink and white roses and say i got something special for you and pull them out from behind your back

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