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just get out of iraq now?

ok you might not of heard this yet but al-qaeda in iraq has threatend war with iran if it didnt stop support of shi'te militias and any other inderect operations in iraq in two months time and said they would bring a deadly war against iran why dont we just leave and let them duke it out for awhile and destroy each others arnies then we will attack them when theyre the most weak instead of staying in iraq and being in the crosshairs of that war

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    Can I say Veitnam!!!! Why cant you support OUR boys and girls??????????????????????????? Is it realy that hard? I hate reading crap like this!! My husband goes and fights for there freedom and this is the crap he and I am supposed to live with??? People like Yall??? What is UP?? We are supposed to be americans arnt we? Sticking to gether and showing the eniemy that we arnt scared. It is because of people like yall that keep the terriost coming. Yall show them that yall dont care. So what is the point the more they kill the better they do!!! And the less that comes back! Yall need to read my questin I put maybe yall can answer it for me!! No I hope we dont leave till the job is finished we started somthing I hope we finish it!!! And I pray for OUR troops!! Somthing I guess yall dont do!! And I hope they all stay safe! And Kick the HELL out of the terrierest!!! I hope that helps!!!

    Source(s): Being a military wife!!! And DAMN proud of it!!!
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    This is an answer to all of the major problems in the Middle East.

    March 2003 when The Americana's took Baghdad and the statue of Saddam was pulled down by the Iraqi's and the Americans and, how happy the Iraqi's were, this was Shiite's and Sunnis. Now they are bitter enemies. I say back-out of Iraq and let them all kill each other.

    These people change their minds constantly. You cannot trust any of them. If they want war with Iran, we'll Bless it!

    The answer to your question is favorable by The American people, however, Washington is so determined to stay at any cost to our Soldier's, for what? OIL.What ever happened to burning coal for heat?

    We can produced most everything here in our own Country. The American people will gladly bite the bullet, if it means we all must ride scooter's. Close all our border's,

    place Missile's warheads facing all four direction, equipped

    as a long range Missile's, and tell everyone else to STAY away.Close all foreign embargo's export and in port. To become self-reliant. And to ---- with anyone else, except the Britons!

    If you are not a Citizen get-out, if you are here on a visa get-out. All foreign Students out!

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    because, Al-queda isnt stupid. They know that by doing this they have a chance of letting the US back off and letting there 2 biggest enemies kill eachother, seems logical right? until we actully do back off and then the ol' enemy of and enemy is my friend kicks in. Al-queda may hate irans suport of the shi'tes... but they hate americans much more and would rather work with the iranians to destroy us than work against the iranians any day.

    Source(s): studdying the termoil in the mid east for most of my teenage/adult life
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    Leaving Iraq would put more Americans in danger:

    If we left, we would show the terrorists that they can win wars. If you read the reports that are coming out of Iraq, you will see that we have blown up IED facilities, we have secured oil wells, we have taken out key terrorists in Iraq.

    Yes, there are a lot of people dieing over there...but if we leave, more people would die then than if we stayed.

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    It would be best to finish the job started in an expedient manner. Leaving the civilians out to dry after all this bloodshed would render the soldiers deaths vain. Let's finish what was started, with the utmost decorum and dignity, then leave them to themselves. By then they will be strong enough to rebuff any border threats, or threats within their borders themselves and we can all go about our own lives safely, on our own soil.

    That is when they should be allowed to "duke it out" themselves.

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    Well, you make a good argument but, here's where I differ . . .

    I just don't think it is up to the U.S. as to when the war is over.

    I think it is a bit arrogant to suggest that the U.S. decides when the war ends.

    There is, after all, another side in this war. Suppose they don't agree . . .

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    Because THAT would make SENSE and SENSE is illegal in DC and the Pentagon

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