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Discrimination of people THE SAME RACE? How do I deal?

I did go to a mostly black school but now I am in a school that mostly has whites in it. They where really nice to me. Back at my old school it was dark skinned blacks -vs- light skinned blacks I am "yellow" and the dark skinned ones called us things from "cornbread kids to "light bright almost white". Why do some of them hate us so much?


This still goes on in my neighborhood to. When people ask me what race I am and I say "black" some them say I'm lying.

Update 2:

-shrugs- I don't know either. At least I go to a school now that welcomes blacks light and dark.

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    That's sad. This is evidential that your own race is their own worst enemy.

    I haven't a clue what the obssession with skin colors is in your race.

  • Anonymous
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    i don't know. i'm "yellow", i guess and the only one to ever call me that is my mom, but she is just joking. i go to a mostly black school.

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