what are cool games for a 12 year olds birthday/slumber party?

ok heres the deal im 11 right now and am planning to throw a slumber/birthday party for my 12th birthday im inviting like about 25 people the most it's an all girl slumber party (no offense boys!) my two fav colors are light pink and baby blue i love dogs and gymnastics my cake is gonna be like light pink and baby blue it's a triple decker cake! were having pizza for dinner and watching a movie and staying up late ofcourse i need party game ideas and im not talking about pin the tail on the donkey thats just plain boring i need games thatll last 11-13 year old girls there are gonna be prizes for whoever wins the games but please stuff inexpensive im not rich i absolutely love airbrush tatoos but to have an artist come to my party and give everyone a tat its too expensive id have to choose between that and money and ill do anything for money so sold on that idea anyway people please stuff inexpensive if you post an answer o ya if u have any ideas plz say thnx for answering bye for now

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    Besides that having 25 people over {i hope their not ALL sleeping over....} you can play this game i know that's called "murder mystery" or something like that.

    Get some paper and cut out as many pieces as there are people. On one piece write "detective and on an another write "murderer". On all of the other pieces write "victims". Put all of the pieces in a hat and mix them around. Everyone gets a slip from the hat. They are whatever the slip says {like if you were to get victim, you are not one of the victims}. You are not allowed to tell anyone who you are. Put all the slips back into the hat and turn off all of the lights {best at night~time!} Now the one who has "Murderer" has to try to tag everyone, but is tying hardest to get the detective {its best to make dieing noises when your tapped!} After a while the detective turns on the lights and tries to figure out who the murderer is {the murderer can play dead or still be alive}.

    ~I know that this is a really fun game, ive played it at birthday parties all of the time.

    you can also google "girls sleepover party games" and things will come up.

    have fun!

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    ok, here's one. get a couple of tunes and play those and see whoever correctly gusses it first, give them a cd( too expensive?)

    make some trivia up about some celebrities that you girls like and then give prizes that somehow correspond to that star.

    ex. johnney depp(according to my sister he's hot). ask how old he is and however gets it right, give them a pirates dvd.

    anyways, i might think up some later. hope this helped and happy almost birthday!

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    theres this game called ten fingers

    everyone holds up ten fingers while sitting in a circle && u go around th circle and each person says something that they have never done....well if someone else in the circle has done what the other person hasn't then they put a finger down (i.e.......ok lets say u say, "i have never made out w/ a guy" and one of ur friends that is playing HAS made out w/ a guy......that girl then puts down one finger.........) the object of the game is to not put all ten fingers down.......once every one is out the winner is the girl who still has fingers up!!!

    if u have ne qustions email me ne time

    Source(s): its an awesome game im 15 and me and my friends play it on occasion good luck w/ ur party
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    Spin the bottle, twister, monopoly, card games, hitting a pinata

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    TP2k is the best of which i can think of.... and there are many others too... You cn checkout in Walmart.

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    wow thats long!!! hmm you could play twister, monopoly, or life

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