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Are video games for me?

I got a nintendo ds lite for my birthday last year but I'm really bored with it! Does this mean that I'm just not the video game type or duz it just mean the the ds sucks? Please help!

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    kmon men

    ds turly sucks

    and yes, you have a big option

    xbox 360

    its cheap and its better than wii

    because wii has the same kinda games of the ds and its really boring, because the functions are not completely sure, maybe like in zelda, if you swing the control to the right he does it downside and thats not completely interactive at all

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    Well, the DS doesn't suck, but just because you don't like it doesn't mean video games aren't for you. Its all in the games. Many of Nintendo's games are aimed more for a younger crowd. There aren't many shooters, or anything that kids generally wouldn't like. You might want to try some other system, and see if they are more your style, and if you like the games better.

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    DS can get boring. I had to go through 10 games before finding the right one. Advance Wars Dual Strike is a portable miracle. It allows freedom to create and challenges the player to think really hard. I poured 300 hours into mine before I decided I was bored.

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    Get new games and play them but i think the DS sucks. But its only my opinion. hope i helped.

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    ds doesnt suck, probably the game ur playing sucks.. try playing pokemon pearl/diamond and u can trade and battle online, as of now i'm joining a tournament on some forums for pokemon, i know it sounds nerdy but its fun so try it

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    Why are you asking us?

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