how do you do algebra and how is it used?

i just would like if someone could help me know what algebra, how do you do it, and how is it used.thanks to those who at least try to tell me!

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    Basically, algebra is a form of arithmatic where variables are substituted for unknown quantities.

    To say that 10 + 6 = 16

    is no different than saying

    x + 6 = 16, therefore x =10

    one is in arithmatic form and the other is in algebraic form.

    You solve an algebraic equation by simply "unraveling" it: get rid of everything except the variable, and the variable will give you the answer.

    To unravel, just do the opposite of what you have (if the equation has a +6, you cancel it with a -6). Since you are unraveling, you go in the opposite order of the order of operations (Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally) but in reverse. Adding and subracting are last in the order, so you ger rid of them first.


    4x+9=32 equation has +9, so subtract 9 from both sides

    -9 -9


    4x = 23 divide by 4

    /4 /4


    x = 23/4 or 5.75

    It can be used to solve any type of word problem.

    Ex. If I make $6.00 an hour at my job and I have $44 in the bank, how many hours do I need to work to have $200.

    The equation is : 6x + 44 =200

    Your probably thinking "can't I just go 200 - 44 and then divide by 6"? Yes, that's exactly what you do!

    "So why do I need an algebraic equation if I can just do that in my head?"

    Because real life problems become a lot more complicated than that, problems that you can't just solve in 2 steps. But in algebra, the steps don't change and each are easy to do, one by one.

    I hope this helps a little.

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    We use algebra when comparing the prices of phone networks or cars and working out how long it could take to get to a certain location. Also for how much paint you would need to decorate a certain area and how many plants can be planted onto a certain area. Below is an example of how algebra can be used when seeing the amount of items you could buy for a certain amount of money: If you go to the grocery store and have ten dollars to spend on two dollar candy bars. This gives us the equation 2x = 10 where x is the number of candy bars you can buy. Many people don't realize that this sort of calculation is Algebra, they just sub-contiously do it!

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    Algebra cannot be explained in a paragraph. To learn how to do it, you need either a workbook or a class. It can be used for many things; finding interest, calculating profit (and the best division of funds to make that profit), and many, many other things.

    Really, it's hard to explain. It's complicated, logical, and (in my opinion) a lot of fun.

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