14 yr. old in need of serious advice?

Hey guys,

well, I really like this guy and he really likes me, we've been talking over myspace and we have this great connection! He's been gone for a few days (at the beach), and he's been txting me a few times a day and calling me every night. Me and him have great conversations and our tastes are very similar.

Problem is,

we havent met in real life, we know what eachother look like because of our pictures, but I'm extremely nervous to meet him, like very very nervous. We really do have a connection, and I may like really be falling for him. As corny and immature as it sounds.

Also, we've been talking for about a month now. :]

I really like him, and he really likes me.

So please help guys.



he is NOT a rapist.

he has friends that I know, that have seen him and ive seen plenty of pictures!

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    First of all. BE CAREFUL!

    second, if he lives far away, dnt meet him (like out of town)

    third, meet in a very public place. maybe even with another one of your friends.

    fourth, never ever get in his car if he can drive.

    if he's more than 2 years older, dnt risk it

    also, its only been a month. unless he like lives two blocks away from you, talk longer. and dont let him know where you live until you see him in person at least 3 times and u get to know him

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    I know people will have a lot of things to say about not meeting the guy, but I totally understand. Meet him in a public place with a friend. Have him bring a friend. The friends will take the edge off, you will be safe, and you can see if the connection continues.

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    I"m guessing you got to know each other by a friend's myspace? If so, you should suggest that you meet each other in real life now that you guys are friends and all. If you didn't meet him from a friend's myspace or anything, be sure it isn't some guy just pretending to be him or anything.

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    i know you probably hear this alot, but you know that not everyone on myspace tells the truth .

    yeaaa . i have one . & strange people try to add me all the time, & the ones that i meet, i wont meet in real-life because im afraid of it being somebody other then what they say . they could of found those pictures on somebody elses mypsace & they could try to be just reeling other girls in .

    But if you truly do want to meet him, then dont be nervous ! just go for it ! but make sure, if you do go meet him, that you have another friend, or a couple of friends, with you . so that you arent alone .(: just to be safee .

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  • 5 years ago

    You're not in a serious relationship at 14.

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    Do any of your friends know him and have met him in person? If not, it's kind of risky. He could always have given you pictures of another person. If you do meet him in person, make sure you do it with a group of people you trust. Let your parents know before you go to meet him. And if you know that he is more than a couple of years older than you, don't risk it.

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    1 decade ago

    Dont trust him. he could be a 40 yr old guy using pics of other guys on the internet so he can rape or kidnap you

    Do not meet him unless one of ur friends actually met him iN PERSON. u dont wanna get hurt.

  • Y'all seem like y'all have a really good relation its a good thing you two talk good.Don't have to take my advice but you should really talk about meeting nut be careful something unexpected might happen you know.But i hope you two will see things through!!! :)

  • 1 decade ago

    stupid girl. Do you want to get raped? don't trust him. he's probably some 30 year old sicko who's a child molestor. DON"T MEET HIM!

  • 1 decade ago

    be careful cause you never know where internet connections go right ...he may be too perfect.to be true.

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