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How do you get rid of the gunk on your retainer?

My retainer has yellowish hard gunk on it and I have tried everything to get it off. I have used the efferdent in warm water for 15 minutes and scrubbed it with my toothbrush under warm water for about 3 weeks now and it is still there. I have even used a waterpick and nothing seems to be working. I need to get it off fast because I have an orthodontist appointment in 3 days and I dont want to get chewed out by my doctor. Please help and tell me if I am doing something wrong and if I need to use anyother methods.

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    i have that too but what i do is ask my orthodontish for retainer cleaner and i follow the directions and i also brush them w/ a toothbrush... other than that i don't really know what to do... that yellowish stuff doesn't build up to much on mine...

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