Should I give him another chance?

Me and my Boyfriend started going out a while ago and everything was awesome. But then he just randomly ignored me for two days and then broke up with me.He claimed that he doesn't want either of us to get too involved and end up hurting each other. It was not a pretty break up too say the least. Now three days later he's flirting and hinting that he wants to get together again. I still like him but I dont want to let him hurt me again. What should I do?


Just so y'all know Im 18 and he's 17 (almost 18) we've been friends for awhile before we hooked up and we're actually both working at the same place (though Im higher up then he is so we work mostly diff hours). My friend says I should give him a chance cause he regrets his decision and wants to work it out. He has apologized to me for his behaviour and says he realizes how much he hurt me but how can I believe him?

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    Go with you gut feeling on this one sweetie... It seems as if he's playing games and he has you on a string..Atleast, thats what he thinks..You need to not let yourself get to involved with this guy cause, he's playing games..A person who loves you would never hurt you nor lead you on... Don't let him play games with your heart or your mind...

    And I'm not saying, that you don't like him/love him...I'm just remember what we want is not always what we get... Learn the gift of Good_Bye..People come from us cause they are not for us.. And you have to know when a charter is done.. It saves alot of heartache and pain..

    I wish you well..

    A Soldiers Wife

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    There are many more fish in the sea. Has he even apologized for hurting you? Does he realize that he did something wrong? If he truly does not know or care about what he did, then chances are good that it will happen again. Don't let people run over you and your feelings.

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    Run away as fast as you can.

    Women get too emotional about these relationships and the Men are only interested in impregnating as many females as possible. You need to develop some cultural or sports interests and then find a Man with the same interests.

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    how much pain do you think you can take? my first thought when you said that no contact for 2 days then he broke it off, was that he had been with someone else and couldn't face you. the guilt made him break up. know he regrets it all. that's just my mind though. i guess there's not enough info for any advice. how long were you together and your ages would depend on a lot.♥

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    DON'T give him another chance. If you two were having problems you should be working things out not breaking up. Almost sounds like he was with another girl and it didn't work out. You were the fall back person. DON'T make the same mistake.

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    Tell him *exactly* what you said here. He's giving you conflicting signals and it's confusing to say the least. Tell him that your breakup was very hurtful and while you like him, you have no intention of getting hurt again (especially so soon!), so just take it light and slow (if YOU want to see him again, that is)

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    Tell him no. after ignoring you for 2 days then breaking up with you then later giving signs he wants to go back out. if he does that then you shouldnt go out with him. just be friends. Remember the saying- Fool me once Shame on you Fool me twice Shame on me

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    Maybe he realized he missed you so much. Before you do though, I would let him know how much he hurt you and that you are wanting to take it slow to avoid it happening again.

  • mel s
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    Wait one week, do not do anything for one week. If you think you will give in to temptation and get back with him then stay away from him. Everything will appear completely different in a week.

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    dun give in too easily. let him do the chasing to convince you that he is serious. if you just let it be 'ok...since you ask', then he may start taking you for granted more and more.

    you are not playing hard to get. you are making sure that he is serious about getting back together.

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