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Why do we have to be so sensitive towards fat people when it's their own fault?

Before yelling at me, hear me out. All through high school, I was fat. At my peak, I was 22% body fat, which is high. Deciding I had had enough, I started working out hard, walking everywhere, cutting down on my food intake, and generally doing lots of hard work, and by the time I graduated, I was 10%BF. I'm 22 now and still in good shape. My only question is why is so much sensitivity required towards fat people? In almost every case, with the exception of people with disabilities, if people are fat, its their own fault. There is only one way to become fat: eat more calories than you burn. You cannot become fat if you do not eat more than you burn. So the simple solution is to either eat less, exercise more, or do both. I'm sick of the term "overweight". Technically I'm "overweight", yet I have a low BF%; my weight comes from muscle. I've had enough with fat people complaining that "it's not our fault". Yes it is. Accept that it's your fault and work to fix it.


Before anyone thinks I'm just asking this to make fun of fat people, let me tell you I'm not. If anyone out there really does want to get in shape, let me know and I'll tell you what I did to go from 22% to 10% BF. Yes, it will require hard work, but that's just the way it goes.

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    i agree.

    except a lot of people become fat because of emotional issues and some just have messed up metabolisms (which i guess are both considered medical).

    it is your fault if you become overweight. it's not the fact that food that is bad for you is cheap and the convenience of fast food, you made the choice to put bad stuff in your body and not take care of yourself. don't blame it on your job or your genes, it's you.

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    You are right- for many people, their weight is their responsibility. I think we are sensitive to them because they are sensitive about their weight. I don't know the reason for it, but overweight is just a more socially acceptable term right now. But they mean pretty much the same thing anyway.

    Plus, lots of people have a hard time losing weight because they don't know how to do it properly. They will put themselves on some super-restrictive diet that actually causes weight gain or go to some unhealthy extreme.

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    You ask a good question, and by the way, CONGRATULATIONS on your fat reduction - that is a huge accomplishment!!

    I feel sorry for fat people, regardless of the reason they are fat, because I think they must be one or all of the following: frustrated, sad, lonely, self-loathing, depressed, tired, unhealthy, uncomfortable, embarrassed, etc. They turn to food for things they can't find in other ways, such as love, companionship, fun, diversion, etc.

    So I think we should try to be sensitive about they feel, even though in most cases it is their fault because of overeating. And I think you are right - they must accept responsibility for the problem before they can begin to change.

    Source(s): been in their shoes.
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    You know some people have problems with exercising due to bad backs etc......Am not making a excuse for anyone that is fat cause I know some of it is cause you do over eat....And short people can't help they are short...

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    I think that most of these people are only happy when they can eat things that taste good to them, and are comforting to them in some way.

    The underlying depression and discontent that so many people apparently possess is what is so disturbing.

    Why is our society so stressful and debilitating to people's mental health?

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    Maybe some people are hypothyroid. I had a problem with hypothyroidism that turned into hyperthyroidism and I lost 50 lbs QUICK!

    Source(s): Personal Medical History
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    I hate short people so!

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