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What r some new hair styles? im tired of having it straight, curly and braided plezz help ♥?

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    put it up in a bun for cheerleading..well u mite not b in cl but flipping ur hair upsidedown and then takin it all and twisting it makes it into a PERFECT bun! and the just put ponytail around it!

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    well you could put it up in chopsticks!

    What i do because i am extremely untalented with chopsticks i put my hair in a ponytail then, i grab a ponytail holder and then i grab my hair and swirl it around where i put it for the ponytail then i wrap the hair surrounding the ponytail with another ponytail holder, then get your two chopsticks and then place them in the circle bun.

    Or you could do pig tail buns with chop sticks! Same principal with the single only you put one chopstick in one bun and the other in the other one......But there ya go!

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    1 decade ago

    dependin on how long yo hair is, u can do locks, flip out da ends, cut it off and were a wig

    Source(s): professional hair stylist
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