New apartment! Getting rid of insects!!?

I just moved into an apartment where no one really took care of it. Inside or out! I have rid (hopefully) of most bugs inside my house, but now its outside. There are spiders,moths,flies, HUGE black bugs everywhere. I know some bugs are good, but they really freak me out and make me nervous. We've done some bug spray but that hasn't seemed to work too much because bugs come from everywhere. Is there really any effective way to get rid of them forever??

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    1 decade ago
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    Don't panic, most sprays don't work, so you have to go back to the basics. Such as for moths, some flies&mice,you need to get mothballs, not the dirt cheap kind either,get the ones priced in mid market price-they have more potency to them. Then you take the mothballs and dip them in as pure as you can buy,essential Peppermint Oil. It has to be the pure oil, because the cheap oil has a sugar base-and you don't want that. Now put them all around ,even in your attic. Spiders,water beetles(that's what the black bugs are) & ants you need to get Rue Oil-mix about 3 parts water/1 part Rue oil and spray it all around-gets rid of pests and they both will make your house smell good.

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