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How tall will my daughter be?

My husband is 6'1 and I am 5'6. My daughter is 5'3 and she is 11 years old. And please explain how you got the answer.

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    Have her hands and/or jaw X-rayed, then ask your orthodontist or orthopoedist for an estimate. It is likely to be accurate within 5%.

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    Your daughter is only 11 years old. If she hasn't gone through puberty yet.. she has a long way to go still. At 11, 5'3 is tall lol, (or maybe i was just short then).

    She will be 5'7.

    Explanation: I guessed.

  • She'll most likely be 5' 7" or 5'8"

    See my mom is 5' 4" and my Dad is 6'1"

    So she said I'll probably be 5' 9" or 5'10" at the most. I'm 5'8" now.

    So what you do is you take the shortest height first and you count up , like for you you'd go

    5'7" (1) 5'8" (2) 5'9" (3) 5'10" (4) 5'11" (5)5'12" (6)"6'0" (7)6'1" (8)

    hope that helps...

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    If your daughter is overly mature, she may be close to done growing. Otherwise, She'll be somewhere between 5'6" and 6' 1". I'm 5' 5 1/2", and my mom is 5'4" and my dad is 6' 2''. But I may not be done growing. I'm just going to say 5' 7".

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    My experience says look at the grand parents.

    We had two tall men 6'8 and 6'5

    Two short women 5'3 and 5'4.

    I am 6ft and my wife is 5'8".

    My son is 6'6 and my daughters are 5'3 and 5'5

    I say go by the height of your mother and mother-in-law.

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    I say she will be about 5' 5" as she has very little growing time left -maybe another year but not much more than that. Most girls are their adult height by age 13. Boys still grow for more years.

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    She will be 2-4 percent taller than the parent of the same gender in this case thats you mom. Each generation generally grows 2-4 percent taller than the last.

    Source(s): New England Journal of Medicine issue I read September of last year at my college.
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    Magic 8 Ball says "Undetermined".

    Her eventual height will be based on more factors than the heights of you and your husband.

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    My biology teacher told me that a child will generally be about halfway between their parents height (5'9.5" for your husband and you) plus 2-3 inches. So probably around 5'11.5" to 6'0.5"

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    Well, do you have other tall people in your family?

    True, height is somewhat genetic, but its also specific to the indivudual. For example, my mom's side of the family is relatively short, and my dad's side is about average height...but I do have cousins who are REALLY tall and some who are REALLY short....there's really no way to tell.

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