i need a good video card for gaming?

should i go with ATi or NVidia and why?

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  • Mike-Q
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    1 decade ago
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    there really isnt much of a difference, it just depends on what model you get. it also depends on what manufacturer you get. nvidia and ATI dont actually make the cards, they just make the chipsets, companies like BFG and chaintek make the actual cards, so look into what company you plan on getting.

    i have an nvidia gefoce 7600 GTS and i can play games like flight simulator 10 and age of empires and WoW on the highest settings without any lag, and you can get that card for less than $100.

    also look into what ports your motherboard has. if you have a dell, you probably only have pci, so you have a limited amount of cards to choose from. if your pc is from around 2003, you'll have AGP and PCI to choose from so you'll have a larger selection. if your motherboard has pci express, then you can get the best cards out. if you have a newer computer, it probably has pci express.

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    Nvidia has superior quality. Nvidia graphics were pretty much built to last a lifetime. They are faster than ATI's cards. AND Nvidia has better Vista drivers.

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    i will break it down by direct9 and direct 10

    for direct 9 i think ati is the best they have the best prices on newegg for example you can get an ati x1950pro for around $100 that kills a $150 geforce 7900gs and most of the time ati wins when comparing nivida cards in the same price range also i like ati more on direct 9 because with ati you could have AA(analisic lighting) and HDR rendering on at the same time but you can't with nvida's cards so hands down ati wins with direct 9 cards there cheaper and have more features

    as for direct 10 nvida wins hands down just because they have more cards out ati has only released one card that supports direct 10

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    Depends on your price range. Yes I would agree that nvidia has the best and fastest cards on the market, but for lower priced models ati has a few cards that are better for the price. Check out the benchmarks on tom's hardware. http://www.tomshardware.com/2007/07/03/the_best_ga...

    Anytime I'm looking for benchmarks I always go here first.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    nivida has the best technology at the moment and they are way ahead of ATI, if you want support for direct x 10 then you will need a 8800 nvidia GPU, they are at the minimum $300

    BFG makes great video cards around the 8800

  • 1 decade ago

    i have NVidia the same card for about 7 years works great

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