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When coming to a stop my 97 Cherokee "bumps" at about 15mph?

It only happens when I'm at about 15 mph consistently and no other speed.

I've had my transmission checked and it's ok.

It drives great, no issues at all. Any thoughts?

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Hi David, yes I'm usually pressing the breaks when it bumps.

Update 2:

Hi Sportrider, all shocks have been replaced in the last year.

Update 3:

Snobelle is 4x4.

Update 4:

Hi Rich, the bump comes from the rear, and feels like another car is gently bumping into Snobelle. And it occurs only when I reduce speed for a stop - it'll just bump down in speed. It's not coming from the left or right and it's not really a sound she's making. 4x4 is not engaged and it's an automatic transmission.

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    Check the brakes. Could be warped rotors. Are you pressing the brakes at that speed? I don't see why it would only happen at that speed though. I think you should recheck the transmission by a different shop. Sounds like it's downshifting firmly into 1st gear.

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    Hello, sounds like you have a little excess play in the driveshaft, as your Cherokee downshifts it can cause a "bump" and if bad enough even a clunking noise. I've seen this caused by two problems. Worn u joints, simple for your mechanic to check, also wear in the driveshaft slip yoke (the end that goes into the transmission) can also cause this problem. You can remove the driveshaft and apply a heavy coating of lithium grease to the transmission output shaft splines before reassembly, if the clunking seems better, you have your culprit. Hope this helps.

    Source(s): ASE and factory certified tech
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    check your shocks, the rubber bushings could be worn out, also check the transmission mount, someone else suggested its the tranny downshifting, if the tranny mount is bad it will sound like a clunking noise coming from under the Jeep behind the front seats, it could also be the trac arm bushing that has 4-link suspension in the front if the bushings are bad the front axle could be loading and unloading causing a clunking noise, you didn't specify if it is 2 wheel drive or a 4x4 or auto or manual trans, but I'd look at suspension and U-joints also.

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    Define "bumps" ...

    Can you feel these "bumps?" If so, in the steering wheel or in the seat? The gas or break pedal?

    Where do you hear them coming from? (left/right side, front/rear, transmission hump, etc...)

    Is it while you accelerate, decelerate, or stay steady at 15mph?

    Do you have a manual or an automatic? If it's an automatic, do you also have the full-time 4wd?

    Source(s): 97 XJ with 203k miles on it. (Cherokee, for those not up on JeepSpeek)
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    My explorer does the same thing right at 15 too. I took it to the garage and they told me it was the transmission. Along with the bumps, my overdrive off light flashes. So now im waiting for it to go so i can get a new one.

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    It's probably the transmission downshifting.

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