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What are you eating for dinner tonight ?

i dont know what to make tonight , im sick of taco's and spagetti ..

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    "beer can" chicken on the bbq

    fresh veggies and onion dip

    fresh whole grain bread

    Watermelon,cantelope,strawberries and pineapple for dessert.All fresh of course.

    It's very hot here right now so no one wants to eat anything heavy.

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    I am making a northern dish called pasties. U can usually find this in northern michigan. i use flank steak rutubaga potato onions and margarine. then i buy rolled pastry crust and assemble all the ingredients in it about 1/2 cup of each. fold over and bake in a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes. i brush the top of the crust with melted butter and add salt and pepper and it is soooooooo good. i live in the south so no one around here has heard of this . but if u live in the UP of michigan or around the area u know exactly what this is. enjoy

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    I wasnt feeling well so I fixed a Banquet Frozen Family Size Salisbury Steaks with gravy. It took 15 minutes to cook in the microwave. I cooked white rice and corn to go with it. Not bad for something quick and easy.

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    Broiled chicken and potato salad. I will probably put some BBQ sauce on the chicken. Ice cream for dessert.

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  • Susan
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    try an omlette. Scramble 2-3 eggs, add your favorite cheese along with sauteed mushrooms, or onions or spinach.

    Heat a skillet with butter. Add eggs and your favorite filling.

    Cook to your desired liking and enjoy. Good protein!

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    Daughter cooked tonight so we had chicken breasts, baked potato bar, and broccoli with cheese sauce. For dessert, ice cold watermelon. Nice not to have to cook!

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    I made cubed steak with onion gravy, rice, peas, and biscuits for dinner.

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    We had green chilie chicken enchiladas and fruit salad.

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    We had our midsummer Thanksgiving dinner, turkey with the works! :) Who says you have to wait until November? :))

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    we had chicken patties with chicken nuggets and some macaroni & cheese

    my daughters favorite

    :) yum

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