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guy question please answer?

ok so heres acatully wats going on it will take a lil while to explain just bare with me ok so like this guy ive liked him since the 6th grade and were going into eighth ok so like evrey day in science he will be like i love u iloveyou hel actualy sing it too i know hes joking but it stll feels good and even when he waz going out with his girlfriend he waz like ____(my name) would u ever go out with me i thought he waz joking so i said no he flirts with me evrey day in english signing again and i have a bunch of stories about my lil brothers and sisters and he listnes like he really listens and i had to get up to sharpen my pencil and he waz like let me sharpen it for you the last day od school he hugged me and said by _ i love u and i said il tty on myspace and weve been talking on myspace evrey day does he like me if he does how do i ask him out or ask him too the movies pllleezze help me il help u pplleeze i know it dosent mater but im 5"7 curly hair not skinynot fat redcury hair


hes really a nice guy and were really good friends i waz crying one day and he waz like ok whos @$$ am i kicking

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    Just say hay you want to catch a movie with me ?Like you would anyother friend cause that is where real relationships start, by friendship.Good luck I am pullin' for ya.

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    well you could break the ice a little by asking to go with you and a group of friends at first.... then just see how it goes. This could be your first love.....

    Don't underestimate this... I am 40 and my 1st love and I are back together after years... We were 13 when we were doing what you are and after all the years we find each other and we are together now for 7 years and have a little girl together.

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    what is the question :S?

    loll ohh nvm

    ok well just say are u busy on fri? or say im bored.. want to go to the movies

    etc etc

    ask casually and then just ahve fun

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    hey i know i am not a guy and u probably arnt who i think u r , but , can y plz tell me ur name or where u go to school i am going into 8th grade @ fremont middle school and i think i know who u r I AM NOT STALKER!!!!!

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    you say you're going into eighth grade...

    i say you're too young to know what love is, or be on a site such as this

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