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Is it bad to request a credit line Increase yourself?

Is it bad to request a credit line Increase yourself?

Usually, the bank automatically somehow increases it. I was wondering if it is okay to ask first for a credit line increase.

Would it look like I need financial helps if I do request it?

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    If you have a good reason, especially expansion, there's not downside to it is there. but if your in trouble, they won't give it to you anyway.

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    It does hurt but not enough to really do anything. Every so often if the banks don't give me one I ask for one so that my limits increase. The higher your limits are the better you look on your credit report as long as you dont fill up those limits.

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    You certainly can ask! If they think that you are desperate, they wont give it to you,, It usually wont work if you are behind on payments or maxed out on your current line...

    It can actually help your credit score to get an increase of credit line, if you dont use it too much.

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    LOL, no it wouldnt. The only bad thing is most CC companies will need to pull your credit report. therefore, you will have a credit inquery on you report.

    Try to see if they can give you an increase on your history with the credit card itself only.

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  • Buzzy
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    I call and ask for increase depending what I think I'll need and if I'm going on a trip or expect to spend a large lump sum. Never been refused. I pay on time. Never pay interest.

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