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What is Vascular Surgery ?

My friend is going to see a Vascular Surgeon, I wonder what is that and what do they do ?

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    Usually a general surgeon (MD or DO) that operates on the blood vessels (some do fellowships to specialize in these procedures.)

    Vascular surgery includes things like carotid endarterectomy to prevent stroke, bypasses of blood vessels (other than the heart) to improve circulation, treating sores and things on the legs that are caused by poor circulation (of the arteries or veins), etc.

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    It's vascular surgery

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    Vascular surgeons work on diseases like aortic aneurysms, vascular insufficiency, bypass procedures (for clogged arteries in the legs, for example). Unfortunately, one of the most common procedures for a vascular surgeon is an amputation procedure in diabetic patients.

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    As long as people continue to smoke, vascular surgoens will be in business.

    They operate on arteries, mostly. Aneurysms, bypasses, carotids, and now, endovascular procedures. They also do the dialysis fistulas. (Those patients are SO SICK! I look at the charts and wonder how they can even be alive. I'm constantly amazed.)

    Once they've bypassed everything, they start cutting off limbs.

    "Fem-Pop, Chop, Chop!", as we say. (femoral-popliteal bypass, followed by transmetatarsal amputation, followed by below-knee amputation. It's the natural order of things.)

    They're plumbers for the blood vessels. With loupes.

    Source(s): I'm an anesthesiologist. I work with vascular surgeons.
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    Vascular surgical operation would be a great subject count in accordance to the priority being taken care of. it ought to be the sleiving of an aneurysm, a removal of component of the vesicle it incredibly is diseased, It additionally may well be a plasty, the ballooning of an area of a vesicle, the bypass of slightly, and so on. till the referral provides further information as to the particular concern there's no thank you to pin element this variety of situation you're coping with formerly getting a Drs. prognosis.

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    I just had a double vascular bypass, there was tremendous pain, I was in the hosp 5 days [almost starved; terrible food]

    I now have some type of tube in my groin. major gross.

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    It means that they do surgery on the arteries and viens.

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