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Do you watch stupid reality shows, not because you like them, but because they are addictive?

Is there any reality tv show you watch this is so dumb, you just can't look away?

I used to watch Flavor of Love, I couldn't help it!


that is****

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    Sometimes I do...Flavor of Love is a perfect example lol. The only ones that I ever liked were Big Brother, The Real World, and just a couple of others. The rest are total garbage!!!

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    OMG i like that coach!!! truly, i do no longer additionally be attentive to why I do, purely it is so addictive. the day previous on an identical time as making waiting for a cousin's commencement, i became waiting to observe like a million/2 an hour of an previous episode. the only reason i became gazing ABC family individuals became because of the fact it became around the time Gilmore women comes on, yet there became like a secret existence marathon all day. it may desire to be a undesirable effect, yet for greater or less an hour a week, youngsters get some comedian alleviation from their very own lives.

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    I like watching Hell's Kitchen, Apprentice and American Idol. I like Hell's Kitchen because it is funny (really) - there's this Aaron guy who keeps fainting in the kithen whenever there's work to do and yet wasn't voted off (i personally think because that guys Rock wants to keep the weak and elimate the strong people in his team). I like Apprentice bcause I want to see what i can learn from the show (their job is similar to mine and I was very new to it at that time).. but I've learned nothing so far .. sigh and lastly, I watched AI because of Simon Cowell - because he tells the hurtful truth

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    That super sweet sixteen show on MTV is THE worst show... other than Flavor of Love of course (I can't stand that show!!!) But I do like one show, Hell's Kitchen. I am just addicted to it for some reason.

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    YES! i am going to watch the Charm School Reunion tonight =D

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    I use to like the Osbournes

  • 1 decade ago

    Same here!

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't see the hook

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