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what is required to be a hairstylist?

i am in texas i was thinking about cosmetology school but do i really need all the courses

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    All the beauty schools out here require 1500 hrs of training...About a year every day from 9:am to 6.00 p.m five days a week.After that completion you go to state board and take a technical test which requires taking a model with you and perform different procedures to show the state board you are qualified to go on..you also take a written test...Its quite grueling, and is a sacrifice of time but worth it in the end. You recieve your license after you passed the exam..you have to renew it every two years. You dont have to take the exam again, but ever so often take a crash course on sanitation. The renewal fee is about 60.00 every two years.. You learn about hair, skin, and nails..Hope this helps you decide..

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    Depending on the costmetology school, You'll be required to complete a certain amount of schooling hours and courses. Also you'll be required to have a certain amount of hours on the floor before graduating.

    Good luck!

    make sure you have comfortable shoes!!!!!

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