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how can you cure your eyesight naturally?

i know, i know, doctors say its impossible but i dont believe them there have been cases and there are known methods

i try to exercise my eyes by rotating them sometimes and ive heard of palming, where you cup your eyes with your hands for a while to block out all the light and give your eyes a little rest and time to readjust or something but that just gives me acne

i'd like to know if the methods i just mentioned actually work and/or have some benefits and i'd like to hear about things i can do to help my vision.

if youve heard of anything, know anything, or have any inspiring eyesight-cured stories you can share, PLEASE DO

i really CANT stand having to depend on my glasses and contacts. hate them both.


ok something besides carrot juice and such, as i understand it they keep your eyes healthy, not repair your vision. thanks for the help though.

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    Unfortunately, there have been no scientifically and medically proven methods to improve eyesight naturally without correction.

    The rotating exercises you do strengthens your extraocular muscles, but will have no effect on your cornea, lens, retina.

    The block-out that you mentioned works wonders for eyestrain (I do that myself for short breaks from computer work), but there again, it's not truly improving your vision...only giving your eyes a break.

    Carrot juice,'re right...they keep they eye healthy, but, again, do not improve vision.

    My myopia was 'cured' with my first pair of glasses. I didn't know what I wasn't seeing until the day my new glasses were in. I put them on and couldn't believe it! I remember so clearly that I could actually see the individual leaves on trees...when before on the trees it looked like a big green blob. It was like a whole new world and I was the sponge just soaking it all in.

    Three years later, my first contacts...and I didn't have the distortion around the periphery of my vision that I had with the glasses...I didn't get dizzy or feel off balance anymore.

    Three weeks ago, 25 years after getting my first contacts, I had PRK...and that feeling of wonder and awe of seeing for the first time without any correction came back.

    Now, I understand hating to depend on glasses or contacts, but with the shape of the cornea and the length of your eye from front to back is what really determines the need for glasses for most people. We cannot reshape our eyeball. The cornea can be reshaped (for those who are candidates) by laser correction, but you do have to have a stable prescription for 2-3 years AND my surgeon preferred his patients to be 21 or older.

    As for homeopathic or natural, noninterventional methods of improving eyesight, I have never heard of any that have been scientifically proven to change myopia (nearsighted) or hyperopia (far sighted). Amblyopia (one eye is strong, one is weak) sometimes can be corrected before age 13 with patching, drops, sometimes glasses. Sorry to give you that news.

    See the article below. I have a feeling with this one consumer fraud lawsuit in the state in the article...many more will follow across the country. The lawsuit was filed in 11/2006.

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    Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

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    You have a telescope. It focuses light from the stars to the observer through the eye piece. Nice instrument. Focused at FAR away.

    Now you have a microscope. It has its focus at a VERY short distance. So short that it can focus bacteria or protozoa or ?.

    Which is the 'better' instrument?

    They're different. I know, duh. I know.

    "Most" people are Emmetropic or normal sighted. They are focused at infinity and don't need to work to focus nor wear glasses to focus. They just are. Some of these people are TALL, some short, some fat, some thin, some blond, some green, some....

    Other people, and all the characteristics above, including the green ones have weak eyes. Their eyes are weak, so the light rays passing through the cornea, the lens and the eye, end up behind the back of the eye. To see well, they have to somehow move the image forward till it hits the retina at the back of the eye. To do this they can wear + lenses such as a +1.00 or whatever. OR, they can 'work' and focus their own lens so that it bends a little, making it more powerful, and that focal length shortens and the focal point moves up to the retina and they can see clearly.

    Then there are those who have powerful eyes. The lens system is so powerful for that eye, that the light rays bend too much and cross before they even get to the back of the eye. They are 'focused' at a point nearer than far away so these people are called 'near sighted or myopic'.

    The way the number is determined is by the distance in front of them they are already focused. P=1/d where d is in meters. The person already focused at 1 meter away is a +1.00 diopter too powerful. He needs to wear a -1.00 to move the focal length out to far.

    If he's focused already at a half meter, he's +2.00 too powerful and would use a -2.00 lens.

    a third of a meter (about 15 inches) and he'd need a -3.00

    a fourth of a meter, a -4.00

    a fifth of a meter, a -5.00

    at 1/8 of a meter, a -8.00.

    That's all there is to That part.

    So you want to do exercises to make an eye which is 'too powerful or too strong' stronger?

    or do exercises to make it weaker?

    Take a camera. Get it all ready to take a picture. Any camera will do. Film digital, motion picture... whatever kind.

    Hold it out in front of you and move it left, then right, then left, then that 100 times. Then move it up and down 100 times. Move it in circles, in and out. Getting tired yet?

    Does the camera now take better pictures? na.

    not the camera.

    Moving muscles OUTSIDE the eye which move the eyes in those directions won't change the focus of the camera. Won't make it stronger or weaker. It will affect the muscles on the outside of the eye.

    Orthoptics is a science where eye exercises are used to strengthen the extraocular muscles in people who may have nerve or muscle damage which causes them to get double vision. Things like that.

    Because myopia is such a pain in the thing, there are now surgeries that correct the curve of the cornea so that the focus of the eye isn't so powerful. Those are the LASIK, LASEK, PRK, and now a new one where implants are placed within the cornea itself to change the curve, make it flatter, less powerful. These people see 'normally' after these surgeries. Yes there are risks. But you have to talk to your surgeon about which one would be good for you, not her, nor him, nor them. YOU.

    A doctor flew down to a little island on the north side of Panama. Went there to 'do' an eye clinic for the people there. The first person was a little girl about 9 years old. She had been pretty much 'blind' since birth. After looking at her eyes, it was determined she might need glasses. The uncle held up a machine and the doctor quickly determined that the little girl need glasses of -18.00.

    She could see at 1/18 of a meter in front of her, clearly, but beyond that...very blurrrrrrrrry.

    A box of old glasses donated by lots of people was brought along. A pair of those old 50's glasses that look like cat eyes, was found and put on the little girl.

    She opened her eyes. She saw her mother for the first time.

    Her father, for the first time.

    Her sisters, brothers, trees, the ocean, the beach, a shell, a table..for the first time.

    Tears on her cheeks spoke for her. There wasn't a person in the room who could speak. There really wasn't anything to say.

    The doctor found another pair of glasses made for a young person, a child and he went to give them to her as they might fit better. She held the old ones by the sides and ran out the door. He gave the glasses to the little girl's mother.

    Silence was all that was said.

    Do you think she's still wearing glasses?

    Would you be?

    Is it really that bad?

    Perhaps it is.

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    If you mean, can you reverse your myopia, then no methods have ever been shown to be effective. Some people claim to have cured themselves, but no scientific studies have ever shown this.

    If you check on the various websites and forums dedicated to these natural methods, you will find very few success stories and a lot of hopeful wishing. Check the link below to one such forum, the people there will be happy to give you suggestions but don't expect much in the way of results.

    No supplements, foods, carrot juice etc will help, do not waste any money on them.

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    Drinking Carrot Juice

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