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What do you think of this?Is she interested or not?

so i asked this girl out a few months ago and she said she just wanted to be friends but maybe in the future,a few months later she gets a boyfriend and i let her know i like her again but i said it just to get it off my chest so i could feel better and i told her that.So now they broke up last week and a couple days ago she calls me(she never calls anyone,even her boyfriend,which i heard from her last boyfriend because we are good friendds)and asks if i am going to her youth group and she said she wanted to watch a movie with me sometime.

So i call her a coulple hours later cause im bored(i never use my cell phone or any phone cause i hate phones so her call was very random and surprising)and it goes good and then i call her the next day to go see a movie but she couldnt cause is was her sisters birthday.So i want to know if she is interested in me at all.We are best friends and have been for a while.I like her alot and i have tried to move on but i cant.


people say we look like would would be a cute couple and that we act like one.And we have alot in common and stuff and when i did ask her out she said she had a thing for me also but the next week she said that she just wanted to be friends.

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    I think its like she says, she justs wants to be friends, or at least have someone when she is rebounding. Move on.

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    It sounds like your in love with her which is more than liking her a lot.If you have told her how you feell the i'm afraid its up to her to make the first move if she is interested.If she doesn't then you will either have to back off from the friendship or else its just going to keep eating away at you little at a time.Tell her how you feel if you havent and be honest,its going to hurt you more not telling her.

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    this sure is tricky. if she calls you and she never calls anyone then there's a point for you. if she asked you to hang out with her and watch a movie with her, then there's another point for you. you know i think this girl is definately showing signs of interest to you. i say build up some more of your courage and ask this girl whats going on. maybe she's just playing hard to get. or maybe she doesnt want to go out, because it may ruin ur a teenage girl, i say go for it !

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    that how i feel also lol i told a guy how i felt he said he didnt know how he felt so now were freinds i think lol....dont rush things.... kk?....but it does sound like she likes u lol l8r

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