in florida how long does it take after you get your learners license for you insurance go up?

my parents are telling me they dont want me to get my florida learners license because the insurance immediately goes up. but everybody i talk to who got their license in the last 5 years say it only goes up like a year or two later. most of the have state farm. im ready to take the course and take the test just i need my parents permission.

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    I hate to answer this as I think your parents are enjoying the fact that up to this point, you didn't know the answer to this.

    In Florida, with a learner's permit you aren't even added onto the policy. Policies in Florida just aren't set up that way. In fact, the insurance covering the driver that you are practice driving with (because as you know, you have to drive with a licensed adult) is what covers you when you drive.

    The reason why you've heard that insurance won't go up for a year or so after you get your permit is because it takes about that long for you to get your official license. At that point, you're added to the policy and the insurance rates increase to show that an inexperienced operator has been added to the policy.

    Source(s): Florida is actually one of the states I have a non-residence license to broker insurance in, so I know this one for a fact!
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    The first answer is only partially correct. I have worked for several different insurance companies in my career and I can tell you that your answer depends on the company your parents have insurance with. For example, Progressive DOES charge for a permit license, and they charge you out the a** too. State Farm does NOT charge until you get your regular operator's license, which is usually a year after you get your permit if you take the test & pass to get your operator's license...tell your parents to call their insurance company. I'm sorry they're making you wait to get your permit.

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