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i want to know how i can where these clothes.... pictures? [this shirt is grey with yellow hearts && this is how the shirt look on me] [this is the same shirt as the 1st one] [the same shirt] [this is a jacket, what should i wear it with] [this is a dress && it is see thru. what should i wear under it] [this is another dress the leaves @ the bottom are yellow]

can u plz tell me what i should wear with these clothes.

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    omg gurl that last thing is wasup it is way hawt i would rock that wit sum black leggings but if you want to add sum color get sum yellow leggings [[but make sure it the rite tone yellow]] and den wit sum flats [[make sure its flats]] or sum slides and gurl you would be the center of attention and then that yellow dress jus get sum bangles [[pink yellow and orange<<<but make sure they are the same kind]] and then a necklace and you can get tha from claires or wateva and then for the jacket hold out on that for fall and rock sum skinny jeans wit sum red kitten heels and then for the heart shirt wear a tan or brown polo under it wit sum tan suspenders and jeans wit sum converses but for real if you need help sum more jus hit me up in a email

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    The first shirt (with hearts) is pretty casual, it would look good paired with jeans, flats, and some cute hoop earings. Of course, it all depends on the occasion!

    Since the jacket is patterned, avoid mixing any other busy patterns with it. For a cute outfit i would suggest...

    Medium wash skinny jeans paired with a cute ankle black ankle boot. (no clunky heels! :)

    Since the jacket has such great buttons, I sleek ponytail would really pull it together!

    For the dress, i think it would look amazing with a cute pair of cork wedges, and some layered necklaces. Since it is see thru, simply wear a neutral coloured cami underneath.

    Depending on how long the last dress is, I think it would look amazing with grey leggings. Black flats, a boho styled hobo bag, and messy waves (hair)

    Overall, nice clothes! :)

    Good luck.

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    ok if it were me i would wear the dress with the leaves with the black and white jacket..the shirt with the hearts you could wear with a pair of blue jean shorts or just jeans..the yellow dress you could wear with a white jacket..or light depends really on where you live ..cuz the weather decides when and where to combine these clothes together..but have playing dress up...its always fun to just mix and match...

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    you can wear anything that is denim for the grey/yellow shirt. like a frayed skirt from abercrombie or hollister. with the jacket, i would wear somthing like a cami underneath it with jeans/black pants.for the yellow dress i would reccomend wearing like a slip of something under it with ballet flats. for the dress i would wear black leggings and flip flops.

    hope i helped :]

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    get some accesories. like necklaces- like big thick ones or really thin ones with layers..... dangle ear rings but make sure u dont wear the same color.. mix it up... like black would go great with that yellow shirt... u can always wear the outfit and then go to some stores and try on stuff to see what really looks good....

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    the heart shirt- wear as is with jeans, or you can wear it with a belt the same color as the hearts.

    jacket- i would recommend wearing as is because its so cute alone. you can wear it over a dress.

    the yellow dress- i recommend wearing a tank underneath and leggings and ballet flats.

    last dress- this dress is so cute. personally i would wear it with flats and leggings.

    i hope that helps.!

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    jeans and boots with the jacket. ummmmmmmmmmm with the gray shirt get a denim skirt and ballet flats that are green as the same color in the shirt.............with the dress yellow heels like these

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    It doesnt matter you'll look sexy in them any way u wear them

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    i have no idea they are so boring but i guess it's just you.

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