Best way to tell a room mate I'm moving out?

I talked to my land lord and found a way to get out of my lease. I have been contemplating this for awhile but wasn't sure if it was possible. I need my room mate's boyfriend [who lives w/ us illegally and doesn't pay rent] to take over my lease in order for this to work. He has mentioned paying a part of the lease so I think that this is reasonable. Although my room mates know that I am disgusted w/ our current living situation [and I have asked them to change certain things, which have not changed] I am still nervous to bring up the fact that I want to move, especially b/c in order for it to work my room mate's bf must cooperate w/ me. What should I say and how should I go about this? Keep in my mind my room mate was also my very good friend before we moved in together.

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    Just let them know in plenty of time to find a new roommate--that's really important--just in case the boyfriend doesn't want to pull his weight (in which case, your roommate should get rid of him).

    Simply be polite, let them know that you have found another place where you would be more comfortable living--you could even say that you are uncomfortable living with a couple--they should understand that.

    I wish you well, and hope everything goes as planned.

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    I'd just be straight with them, it's not personal, this arrangement just isn't working for you. Don't place or accept blame in this so you can salvage the friendship (if you want to). Just give them a date you are out, that boyfriend is going to assume your part of the lease and let's go see the landlord. Try to be amicable while you live out your notice.

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    Best thing is to tell her ASAP, just incase something else needs to be worked out then there is still time. If she is a good friend she should understand, just be honest and let her know that you dont want to leave her high and dry, but its just time that you moved on, and hopefully this will be better for your friendship in the long run. Sorta like a bandaide, just do it fast, its not so bad.! Good Luck.

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    The EXACT same thing happened to me. I was about to burst. Fortunatly for me SHE moved out first with her boyfriend instead of me having to leave...maybe you may want to try and have that happen. I think you need to sit her herself...and tell her that things are GOING to change no need to change. Tell her that they need to move out or you are giving her a months notice. Make sure your landlord knows all the facts and maybe even the landlord can tell her that the boyfriend has to either move in or you have to move out. 3 people on your lease is illegal so the landlord can be the one to do it opposed to you having to step in. No matter what you have to stay calm and be adults or else it will just mess up your friendship and its not worth it...

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