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getting what you want?

last airforce question lol i was told that i can put it in my contract where i wana be stationed during meps what other tips that recruiters dont tell you can you share

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    You can ask, but I would say no because where you get stationed has a lot to do with your job. Not all jobs are going to be able to go everywhere.

    AND Recruiters want you to be happy, they don't hold information back from you. If you are happy than they know you are going to sign your contract and they have done there job. If they aren't honest with you than you don't make the final decision to join and you just end up wasting their time. If you think your recruiter isn't being honest with you ask for a new one.

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    Too many things, plus the recruiters do not know which jobs are avaliable each day and which one may let you chose a base. When I was recruiting you were lucky to get a job, most of the time you were guaranteed a career field. It is up to you to ask about things like that. I tried to let my people processing know as much as possible but things changed quite abit and some times slow to get to us in the field. A lot of times I found out things from my people processing. Then I had to make a call to confirm it for myself. Trust me most recruiters try to tell you what they can but remember they are working many hours talking to a lot of people and sometimes it is hard to remember what you have told everyone. I had a sheet made up of questions that most people asked with the answers and this got sent home with them for their parents. There was a place for them to ask questions.

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    You can certainly ask to get that in your contract. It is by no means guaranteed that you get it.

    The main guarantees you can get are your MOS training, education benefits and enlistment bonuses.

    Be sure to look at the education question you answered earlier. I must have missed your question on that subject.

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