Do Scientologists pray to L. Ron Hubbard?

Do they get baptised? Do they cast spells and work with energy? Do they all have to pay for everything?

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    Scientology is a path to find your own personal truth.

    Scientology doctrine as a religion holds as its most important axiom “What is true for you is what you your self observe to be true.” This axiom promotes individual thinkingness and independence. In fact it is a high crime in Scientology for anyone to tell anyone what to think or what to believe in. In Scientology it is YOU that do the exploring, YOU that do the observations and YOU come up with your own conclusion.

    This link has 28 different religious studies papers on Scientology made by religious scholars: Also see this link:

    Scientology means “knowing how to know” and follows a tradition of 10,000 years in the study of life and the spirit. Scientology earliest ancestor is the Veda (the Veda means knowingness or sacred lore) continued with the Tao-The-king (also known as Taoism and it means “the way to solving the mystery which underlines all mysteries”) continued by the Dhyana (that means knowingness or lookingness), continued by the works of Gautama Sakyamuni also know as Gautama Buddha (a Buddha or Bodhi is one that has attained intellectual and ethical perfection by human means).


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    None of the above. (Not sure where you get these ideas from?? )

    Here's a description of the religion and some information about the donation system of the church:

    Scientology is an applied religious philosophy. When I say "applied" I mean you actually use it in your life to change or improve existing conditions. It is a very practical religion.

    All religions if you learn about them have a basic philosphy, but they also have certain dogma, rituals and observances, and a certain faith or belief is required. There is nothing wrong with this, but Scientology is not that kind of religion. It does not intrude on anyones faiths of beliefs in the area of God , the Supreme Being, or the Infinite. This area is left totally up to the indivdual as pasrt of his life. It does not conflict.

    It is also not a messianic religion. This means there is no worship of prophets or messiahs in Scientology. It is not faith based. A truth should be true according to ones own observation and experience.

    The dictionary definition that applies:

    Religion: The spiritual or emotional attitude of one who recognises the existence of superhuman power or powers.

    The most basic principle of Scientology is that YOU are your own immortal soul, that this is not a "thing" you HAVE but what YOU actually are.

    The whole purpose of Scientology is to increase an individual's understanding and awareness of himself. and life.And to rehabilitate his native goodness, abilities and potential.

    When you do this the sphere and zone of his positive influence increases and moves outward into his life, his family ,his friends, his groups and mankind which he is part of.

    How this result is achieved is the "technology" of Scientology, which was developed by L.Ron Hubbard after his extensive research and the discoveries he made, about the human spirit. The basic religious philosophy and knowledge of Scientology is very old, going back 10,000 years at least to the Veda or Vedic Hymns from the East. L. Ron Hubbard researched and made new discoveries about the human spirit. He developed technology from these discoveries to apply to increase spiritual awareness and ability.

    He completed his research before his death in 1986 and left all of his results and copyrights

    to the Church of Scientology along with most of his considerable personal estate, when he died.

    He published a book in 1951 to communicate the basic principles he discovered called: " Scientology The Fundementals of Thought"

    There are currently over 10 million Scientologists in more than 163 countries world wide. However we are a new religion, only 53 years old.

    The true story of Scientology as a religion goes like this:

    1. A philosopher developes a philosophy about life and death.

    2. People find it interesting.

    3. People find it works.

    4. People pass it along to others.

    5. It grows.

    This is just an overview.

    L. Ron Hubbard explained fully the theology and technologies of Scientology in more than 500,000 pages of writings, including dozens of books and over 2,000 tape-recorded public lectures.

    It is true that Scientology has various fixed donations for it's services. The amount depends only on the cost to deliver them and support the specific Church or Mission that is doing so.

    The reason for this unusual financial set up for a Church is that Scientology is a new religion, only 53 years old. It does not have hundreds of years of accumulated wealth and property like other religions. It must operate and establish itself in the world according to the economics of today's society.

    It selected the donation system it has as it's primary method of funding itself because it is the most equitable (fair) method.

    Those who want the training and individual spiritual councelling should be the ones who contribute most to maintain the facilities that provide it.

    There are lots of free services and introductory services available, also books , CD's of lectures and DVD's which cost very little.

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    the uncomplicated perception is that guy is powerful and that guy can rid himself of his bags, grow to be greater self-conscious and self-empowered via introspection. it truly is executed via utilising their counseling methods it is the physique of Scientology. The source of restoration in lots of the methods is the finding & resolving of previous occurrence of trauma. There are no ideals or dogmas one is had to have faith in spite of the incontrovertible fact that that's commonly huge-unfold, by using recurrent reminiscences of their case study, that each and every person is immortal spirits that have lived many lives. A basic perception is which you would be able to discover the reality for oneself, somewhat by self-examination and that the methods to end this could be performed precisely as an utilized technological awareness, without alteration and without assessment for the guy.

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    I've tried to find info on this as well, but it's almost impossible unless you know someone in the church.

    They keep all this very secret. Probably because they know we'll all think they're loony!

    I just found this site via Google though... maybe it will help.

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    no, no ,no, YES.

    scientology is a brainwashing cult that takes the money of its members.

    people in the church have spent hundreds of thousands and dug themselves into serious debt before getting out.

    and the vast majority of them don't even know about the aliens. you have to be in the church upwards of 20 years before they tell you that.

    so how about, instead of making fun of these poor brainwashed individuals who are being robbed of everything they have, you take a stand and do something about it.

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    not any more now they pray to Tom Cruz or John Travolta....Pays better

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    They pray to the god $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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    the L stand for Lubejob

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