Harry Potter Book 7 question!?

It is 13 more days from the last book of harry potter and the deathly hallows. Who do you think dies in that book? I think it's Harry. But what do you think?

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    Behold, this all below is based on my discussion with my best friend, Kami Malfoy:

    Snape is such a complicated character it is difficult to know where his loyalties lie, but my theory is that he is only really loyal to himself - willing to do whatever he has to to get what he wants. He didn't get to be Head of Slytherin House by being a wimp, he is clever, cunning and ruthless. Like Draco, he went to Hogwarts with preconceived notions about blood purity and the value of people with different beliefs. Remember, he knew more about the Dark Arts as a first year student than most seventh year students. That sort of fascination speaks of someone that seeks power for self-protection and/or control of others; which isn't something that would concern a typical eleven year old. Snape was probably tired of feeling helpless and determined to learn all that he could to make sure that he never felt that way again. From his childhood memory and nickname, I'd say that his Muggle father disapproved of young Severus and his mother using magic. To make things worse, he would've had uncontrolled outbursts of it as a kid, especially in times of stress. The teasing and bullying that Snape tolerated while at Hogwarts, his unattractive appearance, and lack of friends, caused him to focus on his talents. He'd want to prove them all wrong, that he was worthy of their respect. I can understand the appeal that the Dark Arts and Voldemort had, offering him a way to go from ridiculed to feared.

    Snape killed Dumbledore because like the other Death Eaters, he is an angry, prejudiced dark wizard. And, like Voldemort, he is ashamed of being a Half-blood instead of a Pureblood (with a witch mother and a Muggle father). They both had negative experiences with Muggles as children; Voldemort's father and grandparents allowed him to be raised in the orphanage instead of raising him themselves, Snape has that memory that he tried to hide from Harry of him cowering in fear as his father was screaming while he was angry. They both considered Dumbledore a "blood-traitor" and a "Muggle-loving fool" because he affiliated with Muggles, Muggle-borns, Squibs, "half-breeds" like Hagrid, and werewolves like Lupin. I bet that Snape always hated Dumbledore and only respected his abilities, as a powerful and wise wizard. I think that he was genuinely disgusted at the way that he allowed his emotions overrule his logic (like not telling Harry things he needed to know because it would hurt him).

    By acting as a double-agent, spying on Dumbledore and Voldemort, he kept himself safe from both sides. Voldemort would protect him because he wanted inside information, just like Dumbledore always insisted that Snape was trustworthy to everyone who doubted it. He made himself valuable to both sides so that it wouldn't matter which side won the war. If Voldemort lost power, he had Dumbledore's protection - it is what kept him out of Azkaban and gave him a job at Hogwarts. If Voldemort was to win, he was one of his most trusted Death Eaters. Snape is a Slytherin, even though he shares Voldemort's beliefs, the most important thing to him is taking care of himself. But, since Dumbledore was weak and disarmed he felt free to kill him. If he was loyal to Dumbledore he wouldn't have made the Unbreakable Vow, but even if he had, he would've died instead of murdering him. It is like Sirius said to Peter: better to have died rather than betray your friends. No wonder Snape was so touchy about Harry calling him a coward; he had betrayed the man that had given him his friendship.

    I think R.A.B. was Sirius's brother Regulus Arcturus Black (Arcturus is a family name - his grandfather's; J.K. Rowling donated a handwritten Black Family Tree to be auctioned for charity that showed this.) I believe that Regulus was named after Arcturus instead of his Uncle Alphard (while possible, I think it unlikely) because Alphard, like Sirius was an embarrassment to the Black's for being a *good* guy in a family of Dark wizards. That is what got them both blasted off the family tree. Alphard was probably always a good guy, which wouldn't inspire a Dark witch like Walburga to give her son his name. Her husband named Regulus after his great Uncle Regulus, so he probably chose the middle name in honor of his grandfather, Arcturus. That way, both names came from "admirable" Black family members.

    Some of my friends disagree because of what Sirius said about his brother (he called him a "stupid idiot" and doubted that he was important enough for Voldemort to kill) but then Sirius probably discounted his power because he resented how much his parents preferred his younger brother to him. Plus, he moved out of the house as a teenager, so he wasn't there to see Regulus develop his talents (consider how much Neville improved in his 5th year). I think that Regulus discovered the concept of Horcruxes, aside from being a Death Eater, he was from a family of Dark wizards. Voldemort has wanted to become immortal, so anyone with knowledge of Horcruxes could assume that he'd create one. He had Kreacher help him steal and then hide the locket Horcrux before he was killed. So Kreacher will be important in Book 7. His danger to the Order was underestimated in Book 5, and I think that so far, they've also underestimated how valuable he could be too. Harry can order him to tell him what he knows about R.A.B. and the locket (which I think we already saw at the Order's HQ in Book 5). Kreacher had retrieved several items that Sirius tried to throw away, I'd bet the locket was among them. That is if Mundungus hasn't stolen it, in which case it is probably at Borgin and Burkes.

    Actually, Dumbledore told Harry that Voldemort would want a 7-part soul, which would mean that he'd need to create 6 Horcruxes because the 7th part of his soul would remain in his body. And, I doubt that the list they discussed is 100% correct. I don't believe that Nagini is one. Dumbledore said that while it is possible, it is unwise to create a Horcrux with a living creature. Voldemort isn't stupid, he wouldn't risk a portion of his soul in a container that would die, decompose and waste the Horcrux. He is afraid of dying and created the Horcruxes in an attempt to become immortal. I think that Voldemort chose heirlooms that belonged to the four founders of Hogwarts to create his Horcruxes because it was such a signficant place for him personally. It is where he went as a child that allowed him to escape the dreary Muggle orphanage, where he was able to increase his magical power and knowledge, where he was treated with respect and admiration, and where he learned that he was a descendant of one of the greatest wizards of all time. Here is the list of Horcruxes (in my opinion):

    1. Tom M. Riddle's diary (destroyed)

    2. Slytherin's ring (destroyed)

    3. Hufflepuff's cup (unknown location)

    4. Slytherin's locket (at #12 Grimmauld Pl.)

    5. Ravenclaw's relic (within the Room of Requirement)

    6. Gryffindor's relic (hidden in the Riddle house)

    I don't believe that Harry's scar is a Horcrux, although I know it is a popular theory. Dumbledore was clearly correct in his conclusion that Voldemort passed some of his powers to Harry (unintentionally) when he gave Harry his scar, but I don't think that means that he did it by putting a piece of his soul in him. It may have just been a consequence of the failed attempt to kill him. We know that Voldemort liked to use significant deaths to create his Horcruxes with, so I think that he intended to use Harry's death (not his body) to create his 6th and final Horcrux. But, since he didn't kill Harry I don't think he was able to make a Horcrux that night. He wouldn't have considered James or Lily's deaths worthy, they were only obstecles in his way to his goal: Harry. Of course that would mean that he'd taken an object with him to the Potter's home to use. I'm betting that would be the Gryffindor relic, which would be poetic because Harry, James and Lily were Gryffindors that were hiding out in Godric's Hollow. I think Peter Pettigrew led Voldemort to the house and was there to collect his wand and the unused relic afterwards - both items that he returned to him since.

    Voldemort probably created his 6th Horcrux with the murder of Frank Bryce, the Muggle caretaker that worked for his hated Muggle relatives (father and grandparents). It was stated that Frank had continued to care for the property as an employee of the new wealthy owner. What if that wealthy owner is Lucius Malfoy? He'd been trusted with the diary and the retrieval of the prophesy. Also, Voldemort killed the Riddle's in that house as a teenager, and it served as his hideout before he got his body back so the place has significance for him. He probably hid the Horcrux within it. I think that Ravenclaw's relic was the tiara that Harry saw when he was looking for a hiding place for the Half-blood Prince's potions book within the Room of Reqirement. That would be a fitting hiding place for it since Ravenclaw is credited for designing the ever-moving floor plan at Hogwarts (according to her Famous Witches and Wizards card). Not many people are aware of the location of the room and even Dumbledore wasn't sure how to access it. I think most stumbled upon it accidentally and as it was full of damaged, illegal, or contraband items - those who had used it to hide those objects wouldn't likely share it's location with anyone. Voldemort had time to discover the room as a prefect, then Head Boy, plus he lived at Hogwarts year round. He could've hidden the Horcrux there as a student or during his two visits afterwards when he applied for the Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching post.

    Slytherin's locket is probably that "heavy gold locket" that no one could open at #12 Grimmauld Place. I think R.A.B. was Regulus Black, who learned of the Horcrux as a Death Eater and stole it with assistance of his family's house-elf Kreacher. House-elves are supposed to be very powerful creatures with their own brand of magic and Kreacher was extremely loyal to Regulus's mother, so I'd bet that he would've been pleased to help her favorite son. Of course, Regulus could've ordered him to help if he wasn't willing. Regulus took the locket home and was killed before he managed to destroy it. Kreacher may not realize it's true value, but could be ordered by Harry to tell him everything he knows of it, and Regulus. Kreacher was collecting shiny objects in his "nest" and Mundungus has stolen valuable items from the Black House, so it might or might not be there now. I don't know where Hufflepuff's cup is, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is hidden within Hogwarts - perhaps within the Chamber of Secrets.

    I sincerely doubt that Harry is going to become immortal. It is what Voldemort wants since he believes that there is nothing worse than death and he is the misguided villian. Nicholas Flammel extended his life to 666 years old by drinking the elixer of life, but risked the well-being of the world by the very existance of the Sorcerer's Stone. I think that Dumbledore has summed it up best when he said "After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure. You know, the Stone was really not such a wonderful thing. As much money and life as you could want! The two things most human beings would choose above all -- the trouble is, humans do have a knack of choosing precisely those things that are worst for them." And the creation of a Horcrux reqires a person be killed, which according to Dumbledore is the ultimate act of evil. So, the paths to immortality are being shown to be dangerous and wrong. Immortality isn't something that Harry even wants; he was willing to die in Book 5, thinking that he would see Sirius again. Dumbledore also said that Voldemort's failure to understand there are things much worse than death has always been his greatest weakness. For all those reasons, I think J.K. Rowling will not have Harry become immortal. While I think she'll have him survive the final battle with Voldemort, I think he'll die in the end. I think Harry will have a good long life and reunite with his loved ones after death, in heaven.

    If Ginny and Gabrielle DeLacour were to compete for Harry's affection, I believe that Harry would choose Ginny. It is true that Gabrielle is part Veela, and is likely to be a stunning beauty like Fleur as she ages, but I don't think that would be enough to win him. As attractive as Fleur is, Harry never fell for her. He was affected by her powers to some degree, but not nearly as much as Ron was. And although I could imagine Gabrielle becoming infatuated with Harry, I doubt that he would ever regard her as more than a friend. Ginny probably wouldn't even feel threatened by her; I imagine she'd sympathize with her - having been seen as merely "a friend's little sister" with a crush herself once. Besides, Ginny is also supposed to be a very attractive young lady in Book 6 (even Pansy Parkinson worried Draco would think so) and she shares a great deal of history with Harry. I doubt that any other girl could truly rival her position in Harry's heart now. He did break up with her, but that was only further evidence of how much he loves her.

    Harry admires many qualities in Ginny aside from her beauty; she is also intelligent, loyal, brave, athletic, funny, talented and she has a positive attitude. She is a well-rounded, independent girl that is willing to fight for those she loves and for what she believes is right. I think that she is very compatible with Harry, as they share many good qualities. He likes that she has the confidence to stand up to him if she disagrees, but still respects his opinions. It shows that she is mature enough to understand relationships require give and take. Harry was happier than he'd ever been when they went out, so I hope that he'll survive his final battle with Voldemort so that they can get back together. She is a Weasley, so if he marries her he'll join the family officially. Mrs. Weasley clearly considers him one of her own already, as she has knitted him Christmas sweaters as she does for her own children and even included him in her boggart (amongst her family members). Ron has given his blessing to them to go out, and he has been well accepted by the others too. Harry is quite fond of the Weasley's and has always missed having a loving family, I think he is bound to join theirs.

    I would like to see Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange killed off; he has caused so much pain for so many people and Bellatrix is proud about the evil she has done in serving him (torturing the Longbottoms and killing her own cousin Sirius, for example).

    I think that J.K. Rowling will kill off George Weasley and Lucius Malfoy. I saw George because she has pointed out repeatedly that the Weasley's are regarded by many as "blood-traitors", which will put their family at an increased risk. Also, she has already shown Mr. Weasley, Ginny, and Ron have near death experiences, Bill was seriously injured, no one likes Percy and wouldn't be upset if he were killed. That leaves only Charlie, Mrs. Weasley, and Fred & George. Charlie we don't know very well, so we wouldn't miss him much. Mrs. Weasley had that boggart showing her family dead and I think that was foreshadowing for a death that will come. Everyone likes the Twins as a pair, so it would be upsetting for one to be killed. Fred is the more interesting and wild of the two, so I think he is safer. Plus, when Arthur was injured the Twins said that they didn't care about the Order, only their dad. If George was killed though, Fred would be furious and focus his considerable talent on avenging his death.

    Lucius, of course, allowed the diary Horcrux to be destroyed and failed to retrieve the prophesy for Voldemort. If Voldemort killed him, it would also be a punishment to Draco for not following his order and choosing not to kill Dumbledore even though he was unarmed and he had plenty of time. He had threatened Draco that he would kill him and his parents if he failed, but since he succeeded in getting the Death Eaters into Hogwarts and disarming Dumbledore, which allowed Snape to kill him perhaps Voldemort will allow Draco and Narcissa to live. Plus, that would motivate Draco and Narcissa to get even with Voldemort and the best way to do that would be to help Harry. I think Dumbledore died trying to save Draco, having frozen Harry so that he couldn't interfere while he was trying to persuade him to switch sides and go into hiding with the Order's protection. Now that Harry knows Draco was being blackmailed, he might accept Draco's offer of help - maybe with the location of a Horcrux, and in return have the Order protect them. The Sorting Hat said to overcome problems the Houses should work together - it is something that Sirius and Snape were unable to do, but maybe if they realize they have the same enemy Draco and Harry will be able to. Not as friends, just as allies, that would each get something out of it.

    What do you think of our theories? Thanks for reading my very long answer!

    Source(s): My best friend, Kami Malfoy. This is all based on her POV. We both love to discuss Harry Potter a lot!!
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    Well, I think the 2 major characters that will die will be Harry and Lord Voldemort to bring an end to the main protagonist of the books and, of a course, the archfoe of the protagonist because good always triumphs over evil. That's my thoughts.

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    Hmm, well I am hoping that Harry doesn't die. But I do believe that Neville and Ron are both going to die. Neville could have been Harry, basically, and his character has been becoming bigger as the books progress. Ron, I don't exactly have a reason of why I think that he is going to die, but it's only a guess.

    Source(s): myself
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    Are you joking? what's faulty with you human beings. i will admit that diverse human beings theory it mediocre, in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it became a stable way for Rowling to end the sequence. She tied up all the loose factors that have been from the Sorcerer's Stone up till those that she created in Deathly Hallows. the sole situation that wasn't so glamorous became the Epilogue (Nineteen Years Later). the unique epilogue became longer and extra specified, yet i think JK needed human beings to create their very own assumptions; in spite of the incontrovertible fact that, she had an interview which suggested what occurred to harry, Ron, and Hermione with their jobs and lives...as properly as different characters. It became a large e book.

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    I don't know but i have heard rumors that harry will become the next dark lord and that he will kill voldemort (I'm not affraid to say his name!!) Whatever happens I am sure that JK Rollings will work her magic upon the world again. I just wish she did not stop writing.

    I think that possibly one of harrys friends will die. whatever it is i will be an emotional wreck. I was shocked when dumbledor died. It bothered me for days afterward.

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    Well, J.K Rowling confirmed that at least two of the main characters die. I also heard a rumor that she particularly wanted to kill off Harry because that way no one could continue the series under her name. So I think either the entire trio will die, Ron + Hermoine will die, OR (drumroll) Harry + Voldemort will die. Weren't expecting that, were you? That's my unique theory.

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    JKR said 2 main characters will die, and others will to. actually in an interview she said something like- "its gonna be a blood bath. well no- not quite that bad, but many will die." so i thought for a sec what if the 2 main were voldemort and harry, and then lots of others would die. that would suck so bad! but i think harry will die, and possibly Ron (before harry) and he will only die to sacrifice himself so harry and Hermione can live and what not.

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    I predict that Lord Voldemort and Severus Snape are going to die. Harry, as our beloved hero, will triumph over the Lord of Darkness. Snape, as a shadowy double agent, will die in battle at some pivotal moment, revealing his true goodness.

    Whatever happens, someone will be satisfied and someone will be disappointed.

    I wonder if people are taking bets on the actual outcome?

    Source(s): I've read all the Harry Potter books, which are out of course.
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    Harry, Ron, Aberforth, Snape, Hagrid, Lupin, Voldemort, Bellatrix, Scrimgeour, If he is alive regulus, yeah probably most of them

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    I personally think draco is gonna die...i just for some reason think he is i dont know bout a 2nd caracter yet havent thought that much into it tho.I cant wait till its release and will be standing in line like at books-a-million like i did for Half-blood prince...even tho walmart had 100's of them just sitting there i just cant wait

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    i think harry probably would die..cuz u no. usually it isnt the main characters in a book who dies, but i think J.K. Rowling wants 2 mix it up a little so that it would be unpredictable!

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