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why would he say that if he tells me its over? and he got another girl?

my ex. of 3.5 years broke up with me, and i can see in his eyes that he loves me. he told me he got a girl but when ever i see hm he still kisses me and hugs me and play around with me. yest when i seen him we went to the store 2gether and this worker was liek is this ur gf. and he smiled looked at me and said to him what do you think? why would u say that is u got another girl u with for like few months and you love her. why didnt he say ohh its my friend or my ex. ?? i knwo he loves me and i feel it, but why is he doing this? he wants to check me or something. when ever i ask hm do you think we will be 2gether he says no. but when i ask him if he watns to have sex he says no but still does. if u love ur gf and you say she got all u want why you sleep with me4? i want him back and idk what to. help.

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    You are being used for sex. Simple - stay away from this loser.

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