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can someone help me with this problem?

I need help on my math homwork and this problem has me stuck....

it says


c + d/2 for c= 1.6, d =2.8

thank you so much

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    c + d/2 for c= 1.6, d =2.8

    just sub in for c and d and simplify

    (1.6) + (2.8)/2

    1.6 + 1.4



    Brett V apparently doesn't know how to spell 'homework' either. He also doesn't know how to do it. The answer is 3 because of the 'order of operations' commonly referred to as PEMDAS. If you notice you divide before you add. (Disregard his answer.)

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    Aha, two answers.

    Is c+d all divided by 2? If so, the answer is 2.2.

    If only the d, then the answer = 3.0.

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    may need a little help spelling Home work also - but the answer you are looking for is 2.2. Other wise, it says evaluate it so therefor it is an algebraic equation with an answer of 2.2

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