plz help me?

im 15 years old my mother passed away in may and i have been living on my own since i was suppose to leave and stay with my aunt but cps came and took me and i have been stayn in a foster home for 4 days and its like hell its so boren i stay with 2 old ppl nice but old *** hell and they say my aunt have to go threw so much stuff to get me out of here even tho in my mothers will she gave her full custody over me.and i was adopted but know my real mother and my sister i just cant find her.anyone think if i find my sister are real mother i could get out of here earlier,my real mother already told me i could come stay with her and my real sister.but it just wouldnt feel right cuz i dont consider her as my mother but if it get me outa here im cool.some one plz help me im beging

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First, I am sorry to hear about your mother.

    I think that you may have a problem, your mother (adoptive)

    past custodial rights over to your aunt, your real mother

    has no rights and it would take a law suit for her to gain

    the custody. This could take a long time before anything

    happened, you also have the problem of not knowing where

    your real mother and sister are.

    I don't know what hell your aunt would have to go through

    if it was really in her will that she has custody of you.

    I hope things work out for you but you really need to sit

    tight, your foster parents are there to help you but only if

    you let them help, you have to be willing to give a little

    on your own.

    Good luck to you

  • 1 decade ago

    Oh my god you have gone through a lot already so you should do what you want to but honestly I would go to my real mother and sister and see how it goes the government could possibly give you like a limit to how long you can stay with her?

  • 1 decade ago

    Sorry to hear about your mother. You have alot of people who care about you so you are lucky that way. Stay with your foster parents until everything works out.It may be boring but it is better that being in a group home.Good luck..

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    1 decade ago

    If you can find your real mother and prove it you'll be out as soon as it's verified.

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