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Would you call this cheating?

My best friend's wife logs in everyday and chats with strangers and sometimes with a guy that they have had fights about earlier. Now this is all behind my friend's back. Whenever he finds out she acts very angry and creates a noise about it as if he is spying on her. He is left hurt and she knows it but continues to do it on the pretext of studying online. Would you call this betrayal??...well i do but he is not sure! Please help.

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    This kind of a tough one. If her husband doesn't want her chatting with guys online then out of respect she shouldn't do it. A lot of people allow themselves to get caught up in the fantasy of chat rooms. I know a woman, who was sickly and grossly overweight and had a good husband who was faithful and stuck by her side through her illness. However, she allowed herself to caught up with some guy online in a chat room and it wound up ending their marriage. Of course when she finally met the guy in person he wanted nothing to do with her. So, with that in mind I would have to yes it is cheating. Your friends wife obviously has a serious problem if she chooses chatting online over your friend. I will keep both your friend and his wife in my prayers. Peace and God bless.

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    Yes. Most deffinately. She's more than likely just waiting until the day that she can boink the guy anyway. Tell your friend to get ready for the big D by hiding money, placing larger purchases in other names and selling certain property. If they should happen to stay together then it doesn't matter, but if they get divorced he'll be far better off this way.

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    Any time one partner is prepared to devote their emotional energy to other than their relationship, it is a form of cheating. Is she having sex? Don't know, but she is investing her time and energy in this. But the anger at being challenged on it indicates that she may be looking for something more. Cheaters often use attack as the best form of defense.

    His best option is to talk it through with her, and if they can't find a compromise, then it might be time to end it.

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    If it bothers the husband then it should stop .Something more is going on with her and her on-line friend.I my self go to the chat rooms and i do have a couple of guys i talk to but one of them started to get a little to jealous of others i was talking to and then he wanted to know if i still sleep with my husband so i stopped chatting with him.I know from first hand that the guys in these chat rooms get very serious and fast.Tell your friend to stop before she reaches a point of no return.

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    the same thing is happening to me but it is my husband doing the chats and things on the internet, when i asked the question here i was told no it isn't cheating of course the majority of answers came from men. YES it is cheating when it is a man or woman u are hurting your other half and believe me i know how it feels...........u feel as though you have caused it and don't know what to do to stop it, i don't blame myself anymore i just don't have sex with him anymore i don't trust him at all.

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    oh gosh. I chat almost everday, have for 7 years, and I log in here everyday too. Does that mean I'm cheating because I talk to people? I don't think so.

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    I'm not sure it's betrayal unless she is meeting up with this guy in person, but it sure is mean, hurtful and inconsiderate. She knows it hurts her husband, but obviously does not seem to care. Making all the fuss she does also makes me think she has a lot more to hide than she is making out.

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    I definately think this is how adultery begins. When you flirt with sin long enough, you begin to act on it. She may think she is just having a good time and no big deal, however what she is doing in secret will destroy her marriage! I would definately try and talk to her and have your friend lay down the boundaries before it's too late and their marriage is destroyed!

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    she's lying him. that's wrong. and shouldn't be happening in a marriage. talking to people online is not cheating as long as it is understood none of the conversation is inappropriate or of a sexual nature. if she cannot chat in front of her husband, she shouldn't be doing it at all. cheating is anything your spouse does not feel comfortable with and you still continue to participate in those same activities.

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    yes, i would concider it a form of cheating. if she jumps to the defensive when her hubby brings it up, then she might be doing more than simple chatting. i chat online alot, but i do not hide the fact from my boyfriend. he asks me who im chatting with, and i tell him this guy named paul, or this woman named sue, or what ever. but my chats are all totally innocent, so he has nothing to worry about, and i have nothing to hide.

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