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do other women?

do other women use lotion when masturbating? my friend keeps insisting that i try it she said it makes a total difference, does it? and could it give you infection down there?

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    Lotion is not a good idea, especially if it has perfume in it. Use a lubricant like KY jelly.

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    I've never heard of getting an infection "down there", unless you are using a lotion that your are allergic to. If you use the same lotion that you normally put on your body, you should be just fine.

    Lotion does help to lubricate yourself, but so does K-Y jelly and other personal lubricants.

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    First of all, make sure your hands are very clean, or you could get an infection. No lotion. Use a personal lubricant like KY jelly.

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    DO NOT USE LOTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the worst thing you can do as you could get a nasty nasty infection. If she wants a slick feeling tell her to use astroglide lube.

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    uh ... i would use ky jelly better than lotion , and yes it could cause irritation ,,,,

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    Use feminine lubricant....never use any product with oil or perfume in it.!!

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