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What's the best site for getting makeup help?

I don't want anyone to sell me anything - I just want help!!!

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    Try They are a new website that is not selling anything yet but they have a great q&a forum. Hope that helps

  • savitz
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    4 years ago

    i'd advise you study from somebody palms on, incredibly than employing the information superhighway. a stable place to bypass: any makeup counter interior the mall. esp lancome or mac. and in many circumstances it incredibly is unfastened. in basic terms enable them to coach makeup and ask questions and you will walk away with a unfastened makeup activity, stable makeup training, and specifically situations unfastened samples. its a win win concern.

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    Well I know on there are consultants, so you actually get to personally chat with one and get ask them any makeup advice weather it comes to how to do the makeup and what kind of makeup you should buy. Of course they will use one of the covergirl products as an example, but if you just use their example you can use it with any makeup products!

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    Youtube has great tips, just type in makeup tips. Those videos really do help and explain exactly what to do.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago they do sell product but they also have a lot of tips and help on where to put the different shades and stuff... hope i helped :)


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