Moving to California. PLEASE HELP!!!!?

I am wanting to moving to Cali. please answer these qs!

1. Should I drive or fly? ( I live in the Eastern Time zone)

2. How much are apartments/condos there ( single room, bathroom, kitchen, and a living room

3. Are jobs easy to get there

4. How much would you estimate it moving there, and the apartment/condo would cost?


In LA or Holly Wood

Update 2:

How much would the drive or the plane ticket cost?

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    DO NOT MOVE until you are sure of the type of job you are looking for is out there (, then look at the salary ranges.

    I am from Los Angeles, grew up in Orange County. Traffic is everywhere - no matter what county you live in. I am not a fan of Long Beach but it is NOT COMPTON or anything. Beach cities (Hermosa, Huntington, Manhattan, Santa Monica) all run 1500 plus for rent (1 BR usually) The Valley "San Fernando" Encino, Woodland Hills etc all run for about the same. One thing to consider is electric bills in LA - When I left SCE (Southern California Edison) was running 700 per month - I usually paid 180.

    I preferred LA county because the pay was better and I liked the Valley and eventually moved to "Valencia" in the Santa Clarita Valley (up the 5 Freeway North) just pass where the 405 rejoins the 5 - I loved it out there. But the city has some really nice places too.

    Look at your budget - plane tickets are cheap. if you have a lot of stuff DRIVE. If you don't fly. Buy a car in LA they are available every where.

    Good Luck, I loved my HAIR DAYS!!!!!

    Florida SUCKS in that regard. but hey

    my electric bill is 125 and my house is half as much

    Source(s): Resident of LA and Orange County for over 20 years
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    It depends where you're moving from and what part of California you are moving to. If you are moving to the Los Angeles area: Housing prices in and around Los Angeles are incredibly high. Public transportation is horrible and having a car is a must. In the San Fernando Valley, temperatures often reach 110F for at least a week or so every year. It's cooler on the west side, and costal areas. The hottest months are August and September, which is also officially fire season. Winters are mild but it can drop into the high 30's on some winter nights. It snows in the local mountains and sometimes in the high desert. Santa Anas are a yearly weather phenomena of very strong, warm dry winds which can star in September and continue off and on through January. They will chap your lips, make your skin itch, and make you afraid to touch anything metal that isn't gounded. Rain typically comes in April but we sometimes get rain anywhere between November and May. Summer storms are very rare. San Francisco bay area: Housing prices aren't much cheaper than Los Angeles, but the city has really good public transportation. It still helps to have a car though. The weather in San Francisco is a lot cooler and wetter than in Los Angeles, but San Francisco has a lot more variation in it's microclimates. One part of the city can be cold and foggy and the other part can be warm and sunny. California is a large state and there are a lot of little towns and suburbs with just about any climate imaginable. The only thing I can really say, no matter where you live in California, is keep your flashlight and slippers near your bed and a supply of water in case of an earthquake. Oh yeah, and DON'T MOVE TO NORTH HOLLYWOOD!

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    I just did a search on for apartments in Los Angeles. The cheapest one bedroom was $850/month for 600 square feet. The next cheapest listing was in the high 900s and up.

    LA is one of the most expensive cities to live in. I'm not sure where you are moving from so you may already live in an expensive city. I believe has a cost of living calculator that will be a big help for you when comparing the costs between two cities.

    If you want your car in Cali, I would drive. Shipping a car is expensive. The actual moving costs should be around $2000 when you factor in a truck, moving supplies, and all of the incidentals that come with moving. Also be prepared for possible deposits for phone, electric, apartment, etc.

    When looking at the cost of living, also factor in the taxes and other expenses. California has a state income tax and also collects a state disability insurance tax from your paycheck.

    Honestly not sure about the job situation. When I lived in Colorado, there were thousands of Californians moving to Denver to find jobs and to escape the high prices of California. It probably depends on what your degree is in and what field you want to work in.

    Good luck!

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    you should fly. Its a lot faster and with the gas prices, its your best bet.

    apartments are pretty steep. I live in California and a 1 bdrm 1 btrm home would come out to, like, $1,100.00. Bogus.

    Jobs may be a little easy to get depending on what it is you do. Some jobs are in demand more than others. I would go to first.

    or and check out the jobs they have listed, apply or call and set up an interview. You will need a job because, unless you're rich, California is expensive.

    L.A. is also has one of the highest crime rates in the U.S.A.

    You will also need a car or you won't be able to go anywhere.

    I would say the total cost, first months, last months, they may charge a security deposit, toiletries, food...... I'd say be prepared to dish out $3,000 your first month here. I pay, like 2,000 a month to live here. I also have my sister, with whom I live with to help me. Roommates are cheaper but the risk is high. Moving in with a stranger is not really the best idea, but smart economically.

    Also adding.... I just got my light bill, which comes every other month, it was $375.00..... yikes!!!

    Gas.... $75.00 a month.

    It's only 4 of us in this household.

    Source(s): Lived in California all my life. Don't know any place else and know first hand what you will deal with. E-mail me and I can give you more tips if you'd like.
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    I live in Santa Barbara and everything here is very expensive.


    Your plane ticket-800-900

    1 Bdr apartment by yourself-1000 a month+bills

    Fairly easy to get a job (Nordstoms pays well)

    Cost of moving- I have no Idea

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    California is very expensive, and the LA Hollywood area is even more so. There are plenty of jobs all over the state, but renting isn't cheap at all. I can't give you any exact figures, but it is one of the most expensive places to live in the country. I think you should drive out there if you want to take all your stuff with you and fly if you don't.

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    Fly, $700-900 a month, depends on what you're looking for, and condo would be about $600,000 for 3 bed, 2 bath, kitchen, and living room

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    if in LA dont go too cheap on the cono... actually skip anywhere that is near inglewood/paramount//downey/compton.

    you will not want to live in those areas. unless you want to die , basically.

    next check the weather! it's at least 20 degrees cooler in the summer in the OC than the LA area!!! long beach

    then of course there is the traffiC! just check out and then look atthe orage county/la area and then that will basically tell you that every freeway is stopped :P

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    drive.. you'll need a car , nothing is close, theres tons of traffic and its very expensive. good luck

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    Where are you starting from?

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