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how much could i sell a blackberry pearl for?

i just bought it a few weeks ago from cingular. excellent condition. screen is in mint condition (protected by a polymer sheet), and it comes with all the original booklets and cables.

i bought it because i could afford it, now i got loads of money for graduation so i can afford the phone that i really want.


i dont want to send it back to cingular. i bought this phone refurbished for $60. im looking to make a good profit on it and put that money towards a cingular 8525.

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    OR, if you want you can get back the full price that you bought it from cingular. just ask for a refund and tell them you're just not satisfied with it. (worked for me.)

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    ive seen them around $200 - $400 new and unlocked (which urs isnt) on ebay

    i say around $300 is a good price

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