what is a caliber?

I know weapons can be measured by the size of their rounds ie 5.56 mm 7.62mm etc but what dose caliber mean?

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    It means inches. 1 caliber is one inch, so a .50 caliber is half an inch (even though you say it "50 Caliber," so I guess if it's spoken it's in 1/100th of an inch), 5.56 is .224 caliber, so about a quarter inch. 5.56mm = .224 6mm=.243 6.5mm=.264 6.8mm=.277 7mm= .284 7.62 or 7.65 USUALLY mean .308 (i.e. 7.62x39 is .311 or .312) 8mm= .325 ect. At least that's for modern cartridges. Older and foreign, and especial old foreign stuff is sometimes different (i.e. 22 Savage High Power is actually a .227) especially in the .30 caliber (although .30-30, .308, .30-06, .307, .300 Win, .300 WSM, .300 RUM, .300 RSUM, and most other if not all American cartridges are .308).

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    The term caliber or calibre designates the interior diameter of a tube or the exterior diameter of a wire or rod. It comes from the Italian calibro, itself from qālib, Arabic word for mold.

    The term most often appears with respect to firearms, as a measure of the inside diameter of the barrel in inches or hundredths of an inch, or in millimetres.

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    So your 7.62mm is a 3.08 calibre. I hunt with a 6.5x55mm which is known (not commonly) as a 264 calibre. 5.56mm sounds like a 222, 22250 or 223 calibre.

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