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names of famous doctors who kill?

i need to know some names of doctors who killed their patients. They need to have killed them on purpose. not murder but like throught medicine.


i know killing someone on purpose is murder. but i meant with a gun or knife.

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    like Dr. Kavorkian?

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    Here is a list (the "Angels of Death list") of those who out and out murder, not including the recent physicians who are involved with the recent bombings, and of course there are many who have not been caught or added to the list yet :

    p.s. Murder is murder. Some do get involved with "compassionate killings" but the people on the list are not of that genre. Some were crimes of violence, but most use their medical knowledge to cover their crime. Some have Munchhausen by proxy and made a non- acute patient extremely ill and then attempted a "rescue" (even though the patient died) to receive accolades from their peers. But in the end, murder is still murder.

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    Killing on purpose IS murder whether you shoot a guy in the chest or inject 50mg of potassium. Run a search for "doctors who kill" and see what you come up with.

    Source(s): I'm a nurse.
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    English doctor Harold Shipman killed hundreds of mainly old people just so he could watch them die. This was quite recent and he later commited suicde in prison.

    (Dr Crippen murdered his wife and buried her in the cellar. He then fled to the U.S on a ship -with his mistress dressed up as a boy. He was the first criminal caught with the help of the then new intercontintal telegraph)

    Don't forget the nazi doctors in the concentration camps.

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  • Kevorkian

  • Tommy
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    I think that is hard to find... cause most doctors names will not be revealed unless it is murder

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    Dr. Kevorkian. He just got out of jail!

  • Anonymous
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    100,000 people die in the operating room every year

    Take your pic...

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