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ipods.. broken.?

if i send my ipod in cuz its broke and i do have a warranty where do i send it? wheres apple? like best buy?


whats apples number?

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    I found you this site that is all about Apple repairs.

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    here's the thing

    you call up apple, and you tell them about how it's broken

    or the damage of the ipod, then they'll say "we'll try to fix this problem and if we dont we'll send a free replacement"

    then they'll send you a box with spongey foam pad for ipod support and a plastic bag and directions.

    all you do is put the ipod in the bag, put it in the middle of the cut out foam and seal it with the tape provided. when done,

    you rip off the address on the top of the box to reveal another address to where it will be shipped.

    then go to and schedule a pick time for free.

    Source(s): i've replaced my ipod 6 times in under a year.
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