Does anyone know about what it would cost to drywall a room that is roughly 13x9 in Texas? drywall, tape, mud.

Finishing a room for my toddler to have his own space..need the price per sheet for drywall, looking for 5/8" (better soundproofing)

Dad will be doing the drywalling........

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    you need to figure a sheet runs you from $8-$14 i would figure about 30 sheets of dry wall i did figure up 28 but is always better to get a little extra .just in case. tape is cheap you will need 2 rolls that is about $6. mud runs about $13 bucks in the 5 gallon buckets. you will need 2 buckets of mud. now one will be for texture. the other to mud seems. please put a thin layer of mud at a time. light skim you do not want to have much sanding to do. less is better more makes you work up a sweat and make a big mess. tape off all the windows, air returns. lights and switch covers. out lets. closet. so you looking at another 25 on tape and plastic sheeting and dry wall screws. . don't get the thin plastic it tears easy. it is easy to tape things off also if you have a razor knife and what i do is i tape one side of the vent then i bring the plastic across it and i cut out the plastic around the vent then tape. it makes work easier. same with closet out line the frame with tape. hang platic across the top frame and tack one side up of course that will be the end of plastic. then bring plastic to other side and cut out the frame. then tape. if you get it. so looking at the cost to do all the work for materials is around under $500 bucks. labor will run you double that easy. they charge like $2.50- $3.50 to hand each sheet then you have to pay for floating. rarely that is included in the price. shop around to see if there is a sale on mud and sheet rock sometimes it is cheap. good luck.

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    somewhat Drywall is on the industry at any vast container domicile progression save. Ceilings @ one million/2 x 4 x 8 a sheet could be approx $12 each and each, and over the rustic will in basic terms variety via pennies. setting up might desire to be a 2 guy or woman interest a minimum of, to make it much less stressful. 3 could be superb, 2 to hold in place jointly as the third screws it into the ceiling beams. One guy or woman interest, a minimum of two, 8 feet step ladders and a few 2 x 4 "kit" equipped previous to time, with a brace around the tip of each to help in retaining the sheet in place because of the fact the only guy or woman screws to the ceiling beams. Then tape/airborne dirt and mud/sand/paint. prepare for a attainable stiff neck and aching shoulders to a pair degree. seek for help if this could be a DIY, in line with possibility in the form of a DIY social gathering. Steven Wolf

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